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  • The dynamic and comraderie between the four were definitely that of siblings

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      The second installment to the Chronicles of Narnia films, Prince Caspian has become my favorite of the three movies released so far. The world of Narnia has progressed almost a thousand years into the future since the Pevensie children have returned to England. Telmarines have conquered Narnia, and the Narnians have retreated into the forests to live in secret. Their existence has turned to rumors and fairy tales. Meanwhile, the previous Telmarine king has died and his son, Prince Caspian X is next in line to rule. The king’s brother, Lord Miraz, has given birth to a son and plots to murder his nephew in order to reign as king. With the help of his tutor, Prince Caspian escapes into the forest with Queen Susan’s horn with a reminder from his tutor to use the horn if he should ever be in trouble. He is chased into the woods with Telmarine soldiers at his heel. He

      hits a branch and falls to the ground, only to be aided by Narnians. He then uses the horn, and the movie cuts to the Pevensie children in England.

      While much time has passed in Narnia, only a year has passed in England. The four Pevensies are continuing to readjust to being young students again, but they are pulled back to Narnia by the call of Queen Susan’s horn. They find themselves by the ruins of Cair Paravel where they will begin the epic quest to take Narnia back for the Narnians.

      This is no longer a children’s movie. The writing is clever, and it adds moments of sly wit and banter in between the overall serious tone of the movie. While some view the pacing is too slow, I felt that it suited the story. Some of the violence, however, may not be suitable for the younger children who are fans of the book.

      The acting ...

      • of the main four Pevensies has progressed since the last installment. The bravado of Peter, the austerity of Susan, the stoicism of Edmund, and Lucy’s unwavering belief in Aslan were portrayed well by their actor counterparts. The dynamic and comraderie between the four were definitely that of siblings. The motivations of the characters were believable. The supporting Telmarine actors and the voice actors of Narnian creatures were all spot on as well. The only person whose acting left a little to be desired for me was Ben Barnes. At some parts, it felt like he was perhaps too focused on maintaining his accent. Other times, he would unintentionally lose his accent, and his acting felt more natural and believable.

        It has been almost a decade since I have picked up the actual book, so the only recollection I have of the story is just fond memories. I don’t really remember anything specific much, which is helpful because

        modern movies so often stray from the original storyline. It’s easier to be less nitpicky about details if I haven’t read the story in a while. I do believe that much of the drama and battles inserted into the movie are not in the original book, but what they have included adds to the story’s progression and the visual interest of the film, as it is based upon a children’s book.

        The score accentuates the cinematography; for visual interest alone, the movie rates a 10. The first shot of the Pevensies’ return to Narnia was absolutely gorgeous. The ethereal music complimented the lovely and eye-catching scenery. The White Witch’s cameo and the final battle scene by the Rushing River were excellent as well. I certainly felt a sense of nostalgia while watching the entire movie, especially when it was time for the Pevensies to return home. Overall this is another fantastic epic story of fantasy and adventure.

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