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  • This experience has led him to play hockey very poorly
  • The Maple Leaves' midget Coach Cherkov dosen't believe that Pitka would be able to solve their problem

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      The Love Guru is a 2009 comedy movie starring Mike Myers. Myers stars as a self help guru,Maurice Pitka.His main ambition is to top a rival self help guru,Deepak Chopra in popularity.An oppuritunity arises whichmight give him teh chance to rise in popularity. A struggling female hockey team owner,Jane Bulard needs his help for her team,The Maple Leaves to win.Thier best player ,Darren Roanoke,is depressed because his wife left him for a French-Canadian player Jaques Grande.This experience has led him to play hockey very poorly.Jane needs guru Pitka to reunite Roanoke with his wife so he can start playing better. If he succeeds in doing this,he would be payed a large sum of money and also get to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show.The Guru agrees to the deal and decides to help Roanaoke.There is a romantic side plot involving Jane and the Guru.However,the Guru dosen’t wnat to admit his feelings for because he had to war a chastity belt as part of being a spiritual guru.Pitka tells Roanaoke that he must follow a specific spiritual guideline so he can reunite with his wife and get back his hockey skills.

      The Maple Leaves’ midget Coach Cherkov dosen’t believe that Pitka would be able to solve their problem.The spiritual guideline Pitka

      has involves getting Ronanoke comfortable with his mother.Roanaoke isn’t comfortable around his mother because she expects him to be an overachiever all the time.Guru tells Darren that he must confront his mother and tell her that he can’t always meet her high standards.he eventually succeeds in getting Roanake and his wife back together.However,he did it quickly just so he can get on the Oprah show in time.After this,he realizes he still has one step to complete before Roanoake is cured.he skips going on the Oprah Show and helps Roanaoke complete his final step in being emotionally cured.He succeeds.After helping Darren, Pitka no longer cares about becoming the number one Guru in the world.

      The Love Guru can be said to be an overall poor film.It can be funny sometimes but it is mostly not.For example,a large some of comedy material revolves around jokves involving male private parts.An example of this is in a scene in which Pitka and Jane are having dinner together.Pitka has a Hindu food prepared that resembles a man’s private parts.Another private part joke involves the coach of the Maple Leaves coach,punching Pitka in the private parts after Pitka insults his height.Another bad thing about the movie is that it also involves a lot a lot of midget ...

      • would be fine if there were one or two.however,a lot of scenes in the film have Pitka insult the height of Coach Cherkov who is a midget.For example,in one scene Pitka offers Coach a shrimp.This was his way of insulting the height of Cherkov.Another scene has Pitka tell Cherov that he has a meeting with the Lollipop Guild.The plot does have promise but a lot of it falls apart.For example,there are a number of flashback scenes showing Pitka being taught by spiritual leaders in India.The thing about these scenes is that they just randomly appear.

        For example,there is a scene showing Pitka becoming a guru in India as a 12 year old.This scene literally pops out of nowhere.The audience does not know when it will appear.There is not introduction to the scene.The scene just randomly appears.Another thing wrong with the plot is when Pitka allows Roanoake and alternate spiritual guideline to follow rather than confront his mom.It involves laughing at a juvenile and childish joke.However,later in the film,Pitka decides that Roanaoke still has to confront his mother.This does not really make sense.Earlier in the film,Myers told Roanoke he didn’t have to confront his mom.Then later on in the film,he contradicts this.That is a pretty big problem in the plot.One thing I really

        did not like about the film was the romantic relationship between Pitka and Jane.It literally went nowhere.Pitka does compliment Jane a lot in the film.However,not a serious romantic relationship seems the film is planning for the two to fall in love but never falls through with it.Even at the end of the film,there isn’t any real romance between the two.

        Near the end of the film,Pitka comes close to admitting his true feelings for Jane.However he then simply breaks out into a random song and dance number covering the song The Joker.The character Pitka himself is not really a likable character despite being a spiritual teacher.For one think,he constantly makes fun of the small size of Coach Cherkov. He is supposed to be a kind and wise spiritual leader.He should be above insulting the height of others.Also,tehr eis the general plot line that has him longing to be more popular than Deepak Chopra.Even though he stops caring about this at the end of the film,it still is surprising that a spiritual man like Pitka would ever be obsessed with worldy desires to begin with.There is a point in the film in which he starts to fight Darrel Roanoke when he gets angry at something Pitka says..Again,this seems like inappropriate behavior for a wise spiritual man.

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