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  • In fact, once I got started on this series I believe it better then the Resident Evils
  • This is the reason that I’m a big fan of the show and will continue being so as long as they can keep the show interesting
  • I found this present in the show making it possible for every kind (except children, this show is way too gory for them) of person to find characters to sympathize with

    • by Simon Stein

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      I came across this TV show called The Walking Dead from AMC a few days ago and I just had to check it out. I mean, who doesn’t love zombies. I have been a long time fan of the Resident Evil which in my mind is the most comparable to this The Walking Dead. In fact, once I got started on this series I believe it better then the Resident Evils. For those of you have seen the Resident Evils you can sympathize

      with me in the feeling that the movies just went too far. The whole umbrella corporation, people with powers just didn’t leave me there saying “WOW”. The Walking Dead did. This is the reason that I’m a big fan of the show and will continue being so as long as they can keep the show interesting.

      Proof that blood and gore can sell TV, is present in True Blood with its weak and disturbing plot is eating up viewers. However, The Walking Dead ...

      • succeeds where others failed. Each episode is intriguing, yet worm and comfortable at the same time. I got the feeling that I knew and understood the characters and what they were dealing with at each moment. Furthermore, in a world that’s cast in the shadows, with few characters there must be diversity present in the characters personalities. I found this present in the show making it possible for every kind (except children, this show is way too gory for them) of person to
        find characters to sympathize with.

        The Walking Dead is covered with blood as the dead ravage the city’s and eat any flesh they can get their hands on. While a small group of survivors try to endure through it all they are faced with many obstacles, nothing less than the dead attacking. Each episode kept me waiting for the next without a loss of interest or excitement. And best of all, no character is safe from death, as you never know who will be caught next!!

    Angel says :

    I agree. I love watching the Walking Dead and it is actually the moral dilemmas that the characters face that’s getting to me. I try to put myself in the character’s shoes and decide what I will do. It is also fun to watch with friends and family because you can get to decide the options and each other’s decision in different situations in the series.
    Bjorn says :

    Honestly, I do not feel that the walking dead deserves all of the hype that it has been getting from the media and the masses alike. After watching 2 seasons of the show I can pretty much wrap up the whole series in a sentence. “Real Housewives of Atlanta, with zombies every five episodes.” At first I enjoyed the show, I connected with a few of the characters, but after investing several hours in the show, I feel like I am not getting the results that I saw from the (Awesome) comic series. I don’t know if you fell any different, but that’s my 2 cents on the show. Hope it picks up soon, because I do really want to like it.
    Bethany Shaw says :

    I refuse to watch horror movies and gory TV, I’ve never liked it and still don’t. However, The Walking Dead is an exception to the rule. The show does have gore and the ick factor, but the characters are real and believable.

    My husband loves this show and I got sucked in to the plot even though I was initially apprehensive. The actors portray their characters fabulously. The plot line is good and as a viewer I can really feel for them. The writers have taken their time to develop the characters and their stories.

    The Walking Dead isn’t just about zombies and people being eaten by them. It has realistic characters with realistic problems coupled with a zombie apocalypse. It really is a compelling show and I am glad that I gave it a chance. Not your everyday horror show.
    Michael says :

    It’s truly a great show. It seems to be more popular with teens these days as most people only watch it for the zombies/blood and gore. It’s sad, but kids are more interested in that than most. Honestly, I have to follow them on this one, I absolutely love the show and just can’t see enough of it. :)
    Hana says :

    Honestly guys, I don’t understand the hype of this show. I watched a few episodes of Season 1 and whilst I know it probably gets better with each season, I didn’t enjoy any part of it. Each episode is about an hour long, similar to Game of Thrones and I felt like I was watching a very long but very boring version of 28 Days Later etc. It was a shame as zombies and things always seem like an interesting premise for a show, but it seemed very stretched out and it genuinely couldn’t hold my attention for more than ten minutes Considering the pilot is meant to be the episode that grabs you, I couldn’t get into it
    me.glenrose says :

    I see your point, all through season 1 and about a third of season 2 has a very similar pattern. Survive an incident with zombies emotional/moral rantings boring talks more boring talks suddenly ZOMBIES we got to fight/run compromising situation ENDS with a cliffhanger and ofcourse the occasional death of a not so fun/useful character anymore, But I just saw an episode of season 3 and I think it just got a little more interesting, first of all they got smarter and has refined the roles in their group, annoying characters have grown up a little and became less annoying and ofcourse the favorite of everyone to watch (and I think one of the very BIG reasons why the show still exist even with season 1 and 2) DARYL this guy is just BAD-ASS with they give more air-time to him fighting zombies, than the whiny bunch.. just a thought.
    Isadora Night says :

    The series really does seem to be over hyped however I can say that the charaters are definitly dynamic and are more realistic (expecially in circumstance) than many other zombie series I have seen.
    alvin says :

    Walking dead is one of those really grat series you watch and you just cant get enough of it. I came across it by accident when i was just looking for a new series to watch and flipping through series reviews on youtube. the suspense is just so great. best horror series i have seen in a while defiately worth my time.
    Lilly says :

    Like almost everyone that commented, I also came upon it by accident, while flipping trough the channels one Sunday evening.

    But from episode one I loved it, from the beginning of the series I could see it wasn’t just about zombies eating people it was about all the different characters stories and personalities.

    I’ve got to confess, there were a few episodes that I was a bit bored, when nothing new happened or they just sat around talking instead of doing something, but every time that happened it wasn’t long until something caught my attention again.

    I’ve now got my husband watching it he started season 1 about a weak ago, and is now as addicted as I was.

    Cant wait for next season.
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