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  • Round Up has long been used as a convenient weed & grass killer
  • I know, as it DID happen to my older brother

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      Round Up has long been used as a convenient weed & grass killer. Concentrate plus is normally purchased, as it go farther, and it will kill more of those pesky weeds, plus the grass where you don’t want it to grow. It advertises that it kills right down to the roots. It is known to be rainproof, giving visable results within 24 hours! Wow! That sounds great, doesn’t it? But, I am writing to warn you of what can happen. I know, as it DID happen to my older brother. My brother, Martin, lives on Maui. He has lived there for over 50 years, and has managed to buy much, much land throughout those years. One particular mountain that he purchased, is full of weeds and has not been used for any residential area on Maui.

      He is attempting to clear off only a few acres of the many, many acres of this particular piece of land that lies high above the Maui shores. There is no water system set up onto this land, as yet. My brother took a standard, supposedly safe, weed killer sprayer to this piece of land. He had the sprayer mounted upon his back, as he sprayed and sprayed. What he did not notice, as he was dripping with sweat, was that the sprayer was leaking. Trickles of very strong

      Round Up were silently dripping onto his bare back. As the day went along, he began to feel quite ill.

      That’s when he went home to shower and to rest up. It took quite a while to get back to Lahaina, the main town of Maui, where he lives. By the time he did reach home, he was very ill. He had no idea why. He considered it odd that he would become so ill just by being in the sun, as he had taken plenty of drinkable water with him, and is very used to this weather. He ended up nearly unconscious, before he would allow his family to take him to the hospital, that night. Had he not been talked into allowing him to be hospitalized, he would be dead, the doctors say.

      The trickles of Round Up, had left more than trickles to be SEEN on his back. The solution had entirely entered his pores, nearly killing him. He was lucky, when he did live. This particular person had always had perfect teeth. He’d never had a cavity in his life. He was in his 60s, with beautiful white, strong, healthy teeth. His enamel on his teeth began to, quickly, fall off.

      The Round Up had entered his stystem so deeply, to the roots, that all of his teeth had been affected.

      • He nearly died, even after having all the medical treatment that could be given to him. He was rushed to the Main Land, to Kaiser Hospital, hoping to live. He DID live, but, he has never been the man so full of health and vigor, that even at his age, he could manage to swim farther out into the ocean, to dive deeper than most of the locally born people. The Caution Sign on the container says to ‘keep out of reach of children’. I want adults to realize that this weed killer is not just dangerous to children, weeds and unwanted grass. If you find yourself having had this liquid get onto you, get to as much water and disinfectant as you can, as FAST as you can! Never use it without good gloves and a mask to cover your mouth and nose.

        Be certain that people know where you are, if you, like my brother, is going off into the ‘wilds’ to use it on your own. DOES Round up kill weeds and unwanted grass? Oh, Yes, very well. I would say it is probably the most deadly product for that, on the market. Will it, CAN it kill YOU? Yes, without proper handing, and that is the key, it can kill you, almost as quickly as a weed. Will it kill

        your pets? Of course, it will. Understand, I am not a person who is totally against chemical usage for ridding our lands of unwanted plant life. Still, I probably look pretty funny, when my husband and I go out at night, when the slugs are just heavy upon our lawn.

        One of us will be holding a flashlight, while the other is pouring salt onto the slugs. It works. It doesn’t hurt humans. It won’t kill my cat or my dog. Understand that THIS product is STRONGER than you, most likely, would ever imagine. This product, Round Up, CAN kill YOU and your pets, and you will be dead in a very short while. I am not telling you not to use the product.

        I only want everyone to understand how potent this product is, and to realize that there are other options to killing weeds available that are NOT so deadly to humans and critters. Just think about it. Check out the ingredients, and compare them to other available weed and unwanted grass killers. BE SAFE. I’d much rather have weeds all around my home, than to lose anyone around my home, any pet around my home, because I used this product without proper caution. I know you will believe as I do. Caution is the best defense.

        I am only offering you this caution. Think about it. Please.

    martha says :

    What is the effective life of the concentrate in other words, does it lose effectiveness with time?
    cathy fitzgerald says :

    I have found that it seems to not lose it’s effectiveness. I will buy it by the gallon because it’s cheaper and use if from year to year with the same results each time.
    Galega says :

    There is always an effective life for any product based on chemicals. That also holds true with this concentrate grass killer. The best before month is clearly mentioned on the pack. You should use it only till the mentioned period.
    brian says :

    I dont buy the story of this product hurting the guy by getting on his back. I have had my hands, arms and face soaked with it and not had any problems.
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