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  • I don't think the pretzels are going to have a chance to go stale either because over half of the container was emptied on New Year's Eve
  • I still enjoyed snacking on these pretzels though
  • There was plenty of pretzels to go around, and with what I've got left, I don't think will last more than a couple of weeks

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Clancy’s Honey Wheat Pretzels come in a thirty-two ounce container for just under four dollars. The pretzels are thin and short in shape. I purchased a container of these pretzels for New Year’s Eve to have out for friends and family to snack on, among other snacks. They were reasonably well-received, with the freshness of the pretzels being commented on more than any other aspect or quality. The pretzels were indeed quite fresh and crunchy, lacking in the slightest hint of staleness. I don’t think the pretzels are going to

      have a chance to go stale either because over half of the container was emptied on New Year’s Eve!

      Pretzels are salty and these pretzels are no exception. They aren’t loaded with salt like some of the really long pretzel sticks are, but there was adequate salt to give the pretzels a degree of saltiness. The honey flavoring really wasn’t too impressive and so these pretzels didn’t have much a sweet quality to go with their saltiness. The pretzels did have a pretty prominent wheat taste to them, although I would’ve ...

      • been happier with less of a wheat flavor and a more balanced blend of sweetness and saltiness. That would’ve made these bite-size pretzels scrumptious. I still enjoyed snacking on these pretzels though.

        Clancy’s Honey Wheat Pretzels came in a container that was ideal for medium-sized gathering. There was plenty of pretzels to go around, and with what I’ve got left, I don’t think will last more than a couple of weeks. Three dollars and ninety-nine cents was a fair price to pay for this number of pretzels, but this was a

        one-time purchase for me. I wasn’t blown away by or addicted to these pretzels and although they’re mildly pleasant to the taste, I don’t find them good enough where I’d want to have some around the house for occasional snacking purposes. Besides, if I were to buy another container for just casual snacking, I’d have the pretzels for many, many months as thirty-two ounces of pretzels is really something that’s best suited to have for parties. It’s just too much. I feel that these pretzels are good enough to warrant a “7″ rating.

    sandy minnick says :

    I bought these pretzels at Aldi`s over the holiday - LOVED THEM and would like to purchase more - they no longer have them at Aldi`s - can I buy them over the internet???
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    Unfortunately, ALDI has limited shelf space so items tend to come and go. I definitely suggest the next time you`re in ALDI ask to speak with a store manager and see if the store manager can give you the contact information for the company that packages the pretzels. If you can get in touch with the company, they may be able to tell you where or how you can get more of the pretzels. Or, you could purchase honey wheat pretzels under another brand from say Walmart or Kroger. You`ll have to pay more money for them, but the pretzels will taste about the same because ALDI actually carries the same exact products as sold under name brands in grocery stores in most cases, just under a generic name.
    Amy Harris says :

    were can i get clancy`s honey wheat pretzels when aldis is out of them? My family loves them.
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    No other store I know of carries this brand. When ALDI is out of stock or eliminates the spot on the shelf for the pretzels to make room for other, temporary products, your only alternative is to buy a more expensive brand at Walmart, Target or your local grocery chain, like Kroger, Giant Eagle or Tops.
    Brandi graham says :

    I just got these at aldis, they are delicious an VERY crunchy. I live them
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    Indeed they are They aren’t a quiet snack to munch on and they are sure to draw attention, so be nice and share when family and friends come and see what all the noise is about
    Kathleen Jones says :

    Unfortunately the container is 3 and cannot be recycled.
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    I understand your disappointment. I’m a believer in the importance of recycling too, but unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. Hopefully, in the future, more and more packaging will be able to be recycled, so that we can do a better job of keeping the planet clean and healthy.
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