Little Fockers
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  • Unfortunately, the film to complete the trilogy is as stale and pointless as any of the other third movies you can remember
  • The best part of Meet the Parents is that the movie shows humor effortlessly

    • by Zomba Mazomba

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      Meet the Parents was a classic. Meet the Fockers did not enjoy as much critical success as the original, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the film to complete the trilogy is as stale and pointless as any of the other third movies you can remember.

      Greg and Pam have children, who are growing up. When Jack, Greg’s father-in-law asks Greg to become the patriarch of the family, everything goes haywire. Now doesn’t that sound like a great premise?

      You can expect the obvious from this film. There is no reason to make this film series a trilogy other than to make money, and that is why this film was made. The script was thrown together in a hurry, the plot makes

      no sense, the jokes are forced, and events seem to happen randomly for no reason.

      All the actors and actresses return for this edition, including Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, and Ben Stiller. De Niro is still as good in this role as he used to be. He’s sharp and effortlessly hilarious, however his mannerisms are off from the previous films, but this is due to the faulty screenplay. The Jack we know from previous films is always suspicious and secretive, but this version of Jack is flexible and tends to take an out-of-place liking to Greg randomly.

      The rest of the cast is decent, including Stiller, but where this movie dies like a doornail is the screenplay. It seems as though the ...

      • idea of a nasty father-in-law trying to teach his grandchildren his way of life could make for some funny moments, but it doesn’t. The best part of Meet the Parents is that the movie shows humor effortlessly. The movie does not try to be funny, but the cast and circumstances cause laughter without the need for slapstick jokes. Unfortunately, Little Fockers contains nothing but forced, slapstick jokes. Every single joke is crammed down your throat. The effortlessness is gone, and the movie contains “Here, look at this — now laugh” kind of jokes.

        The story is disjointed. Events seem to occur without any rational reasoning. Actors flip from one emotion to another quickly, and this seems out of place given that we know

        the stubborn personalities of these characters from the previous films. How Jack Byrnes, played by De Niro, can go from being angry at his son-in-law for doing something despicable, then suddenly believe his son-in-law’s side of the story at the drop of a dime is ridiculous.

        There are a few funny moments to be had, but if you’re looking for a funny, similar addition to one of your favorite movie series - you will not find it here. What I loved about Meet the Parents was the subtle jokes and effortlessness of the actors to be funny; in Little Fockers, the jokes are forced and often unfunny, and it doesn’t help that they are complimenting a disjointed screenplay. Little Fockers is a true disappointment.

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