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  • However,due to a strange financial problem,his financial aid money is taken from him

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      Prison Song is a 2001 drama movie starring the rap artist Qtip.Prison Song follows the life of an African American youth named Elijah who gets sent to prison throughout his life.He is first sent to prison as a 10 year old boy when he and his friend were playing and shining a laser pen at police.It against the law to do this.Despite not knowing what they did was against the law,both boys are sent to prison.Elijah’s mother becomes outraged and ends up assaulting a police officer. She is sent to a mental institution because of this.Elijah is a able to get out of prison early.However,his mother remains in a mental institution.Because of this,he is sent to live in a foster home.When Elijah gets in his teens,he is planning to go to art college.

      However,due to a strange financial problem,his financial aid money is taken from him.Angry about the

      situation,he ends up fighting a member of his foster family on a bus in a dispute.This results in Elijah knocking the guy on subway rails which fries him and kills him.For this act,he is sentenced to jail for manslaughter despite being an accident.He will not be eligible for parole until 13 years later.In jail he meets up with his old friend whom he hung out with as a child.This makes his prison life a little more tolerable since he has a friend he can hang out with.However,Elijah still has a problem adjusting to prison life.He is upset because he has no contact with females since he is a jail with males all the time.He also hates doing the same routines in prison over and over again and is uncomfortable being around potential murders in prison.Despite feeling this way,he finds peace in getting his GED education in prison.

      His instructor allows him to do artwork dealing with themes being taught in the class since he is a good artist.To be able to afford the materials he needs he gets a job through the prison doing construction work.However,he doesn’t make a lot of money.On top of all that,eventually,the construction ends up being poisoned.Despite this,the owner of the jail system makes the prisoners go there to work to keep from losing money.This results in a lot of the prison workers going on a riot,destroying parts of the construction site.This ends up having negative consequences to prisoners.They have a lot of their recreation equipment taken away such as weights.Later,after all of this occurs,Elijah tries to put together a plan so he and several other inmates can escape prison.The plan goes well.However,Elijah’s friend from childhood ends up being critically injured.He goes to save his friend but ends up being ...

      • Prison Song -film
      too late because his friend dies while he is near.When he goes back to escape,the other prison members have already escaped and he gets locked behind gates of a jail.A police man notices he tried to escape and grabs him.Elijah tries to resist and then he gets shot by other policeman and dies.

      Prison Song was a very brilliant film.It is a provoking commentary about the prison system and the emotional effects it can have on young black males.Being in prison has deep emotional effects on Elijah in the film..For example,he feels very unsafe because he is around a lot of criminals who could be potentially homicidal.He also feels torn from reality and stuck inside a cage like an animal.He is also emotionally scarred when his childhood friend starts to have homosexual tendencies on him in the film.The movie also shows that prison systems can be corrupt.Elijah gets sent

      to prison as a young boy for shining a laser pen at a police officer.Elijah didn’t know what he was doing was wrong and it was a very minor offense.

      He could have gotten a warning instead of being sent to a juvenile prison system.Another incident of corrupt prison systems is when Elijah and many other prisoners are forced to work in a poisoned construction site just so the prison won’t lose money.On top of all this,when prisoners revolt because of this inhumane act,they get a lot of their recreational privileges in prison taken away.The film also seems to be a commentary on how some prisoners are not really inhumane monsters but have feelings,hopes and dreams.One prisoner with Elijah was actually a social activist and got arrested during a riot.Elijah himself was a talented artist who had a gentle personality.He was sent to prison because he was blamed when another man got killed.

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