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  • One box makes a good size side dish that I like to have with a hamburger or sausage dinner, for example
  • Since this boxed pasta ends up getting cooked in boiling water, I think it comes out more tender than the frozen macaroni and cheese meals that have to be cooked in the microwave
  • Obviously and thankfully, that's a problem that this boxed macaroni and cheese doesn't have
  • I'm definitely rating this boxed macaroni and cheese a 10

    • by CirclingCanvas


      The Cheese Club Macaroni & Cheese is a boxed macaroni and cheese product that’s sold in the non-refrigerated section of ALDI Food Market stores for twenty-nine cents. In one seven point twenty-five ounce box, there’s macaroni and a dried cheddar cheese pouch which needs to be added to the pasta after it’s finished cooking. One box makes a good size side dish that I like to have with a hamburger or sausage dinner, for example. Although fixing this boxed macaroni and cheese on the stove takes longer than the macaroni and cheese that goes in the microwave, I do think it comes out quite a

      bit better, both in regards to the pasta and the cheddar cheese sauce.

      Since this boxed pasta ends up getting cooked in boiling water, I think it comes out more tender than the frozen macaroni and cheese meals that have to be cooked in the microwave. Also, those types of meals sometimes don’t even cook fully. Like with Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese, portions of it will cook and be steaming while other portions will still be cold or partially frozen. Talk about unpleasant! Obviously and thankfully, that’s a problem that this boxed macaroni and cheese doesn’t have. This macaroni cooks well in the water and comes ...

      • out fully cooked. Then, once the macaroni is done and drained of water, I add the dried cheddar cheese and begin mixing it with the macaroni, and I end up with a very cheesy and rich pasta side dish that isn’t watery like the Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese meal, where the elbow macaroni is drowning in an ocean of soupy cheddar cheese. I’m certainly not a fan of the Stouffer’s product, but I do like this product. The cheddar cheese is scrumptious and clings to the long, thin and tender pasta.

        The Cheese Club Macaroni & Cheese is a quality food product that retails for a

        very reasonable price. I’m very happy with the freshness of the pasta that comes in a box and I’m also quite pleased with the cheddar cheese as it has a rich flavor to it that’s satisfying. As a side dish, it’s filling, because I end up eating almost eight ounces of pasta along with the rest of my meal, thus this macaroni and cheese helps to make my meals more flavorful and filling. It requires a little work to fix, but I find the preparation to be well worth it considering the quality of the product. I’m definitely rating this boxed macaroni and cheese a “10″.

    Janis Felts says :

    I would like to know where the Cheese Club boxed macaroni is made. It doesn’t say on the box it only says its distributed by ALDL inc ??
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    There are a few ways of finding out. You can call an Aldi store and inquire over the phone or you can visit an Aldi location near you and speak to a customer service representative there or you can go to the Aldi homepage, visit the the Contact Us link under the Customer Service drop down menu and either e-mail or mail a letter to the company. I’m sure a representative with the company will be able to give you an answer as to where the Cheese Club Macaroni and Cheese product is made. Good luck
    Melissa Monk says :

    I’d like to contact the company 2 boxes were bad. It tasted like chemicals.Usually never have a problem with it and my son likes it better than the well known brand.I have already contacted Aldis but haven’t gotten a response
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    I feel your best bet is probably to continue to try and go through Aldi’s in order to receive a response on this matter. Ask to speak to a manager at the location that you purchased the boxes from and express your dissatisfaction as well as concerns and your wish to speak with the company that handles the production of this item. Additionally, visit and under the Customer Service tab, select Contact Us where you can decide if you want to e-mail or mail a letter to Aldi, or both, about this matter. You may be able to get some sort of contact information off of the packaging the product comes in, so you may want to check the boxes if you still have them or check the boxes the next time your at Aldi. Good luck.
    Angie Loaiza says :

    I totally agree…I have the same problem with all the boxes
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    You will need to return to the Aldi that you purchased the boxes of macaroni and cheese with your receipt in order to be refunded your money. At the very least, you can get your money back, and you can use that money to purchase a brand of macaroni and cheese that you feel is of better quality.
    Jennifer chadwick says :

    There is something wrong with your macaroni and cheese it is making my family sick first box we made it was very bad so we made another box it was worse thin the first box I got a whole case I thought this was good it is not it is very bad I like too know how many other people ate this .. if u need too ask me my family and I will tell u this is very very bad..
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    You should return to the Aldi location that you purchased the macaroni and cheese from, with receipt in hand, and ask to speak to a manager. Aldi will likely refund you the money and possibly offer a replacement case of the macaroni and cheese. Not only will you have your money back, plus possibly the product replaced, but the manager there can forward your concerns and experiences to those that are in a position to evaluate what may be wrong with the product. Good luck and I hope everyone in your family feels better soon.
    Angie Loaiza says :

    re : One box makes a good size side dish that I like to have with a hamburger or sausage dinner, for example
    This stuff is nasty, it has a nasty bitter after taste to it
    CirclingCanvas replies :

    Not everyone will like this brand of macaroni and cheese. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives available at other grocery chains and stores. The only way to find the brand that tastes best to you is to experiment and try different brands, just like with other foods and drinks. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a brand of macaroni and cheese that better satisfies your taste buds.
    Karin Gollon says :

    While I agree that Aldi be can’t satisfy everyone’s taste, I do believe this particular product has changed significantly in regards to taste since elimininating the artificial color. I wonder what other ingredients were changed? There is simply no taste to it at all While Aldi has done a great job in other areas eliminating artificial color i.e.: their cereals, this product is no longer something we will buy for our family
    CrclingCanvas replies :

    If you have a box of this macaroni and cheese on hand, there may be a place on the side of the packaging that has contact information. You may want to try calling the number and inquiring about what changes have been made, as well as express your dissatisfaction in how it tastes. If enough people voice their disapproval, then the product may undergo another change, in which it starts having more flavor again. If there is no contact information on the packaging or you don’t have a box of it at home, you can also try either calling or visiting the Aldi nearest you and request the contact information or contact Aldi via the Contact Us link on the company’s homepage. Good luck.
    Josh s says :

    re : Obviously and thankfully, that’s a problem that this boxed macaroni and cheese doesn’t have
    I bought a box from aldi on us 19 s n 26 ave s n there was no cheese in the box very sad thanks for the noodels that i threw away good thing is i only bought 1 n usual by 4
    CrclingCanvas replies :

    If that happens again or you are less than satisfied with another product from Aldi, you can return it. Aldi is usually pretty good with replacing and refunding products. Unfortunately, quality control issues can occur from time to time - even with name brand products - and stuff like this can happen. It’s frustrating, no question, but as I said, when something like that happens, it’s best to return the item so that you can have it replaced or be refunded your money.
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