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  • So, when I thought about it, Chewy was right

    • by sarahdragon26

      Empire Strikes Back was my least favorite of all the original Star Wars films, so I didn’t know if I would like the Family Guy version of it. Since they stayed pretty true to the first movie, A New Hope, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be bored with this one. It pleases me to say that I actually liked this one, much better than the movie Empire Strikes Back.

      It starts again with the power going out and Peter continuing the story of Star Wars. The credits start, same as the original with their own little jokes. Again, this movie stays pretty close to the script and settings of the original film. In simple sentences, the Rebels have been chased across the galaxy and end up on a snow planet called Hoth and the Empire eventually finds them. Luke escapes with R2 as Han escapes with the others, all heading in different directions. Luke goes to see Yoda, to train, while the others are chased by the Empire. They made to Cloud City, only to

      be confronted by Vader, who is all ready there with bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Han is frozen in Carbonite and Luke eventually joins them, losing his hand and finds out Vader is his father. They all escape with Lando with them. At the end, Lando and Chewy leave in search of Han.

      While the characters who were in the first one return as the same roles, Mort Goldman enters as Lando Calrissian. I just blinked, thinking, “What?!” That didn’t make sense. Mort is white, first thing. Cleveland should have been Lando. I really think that should have been done differently. Mort is a whinny character and that is not a good Lando, who is one of my favorite of the original characters. Meg returns as nothing again. She seems to have been non-existent or with 3 or 4 seconds parts. She plays the worm the Falcon goes into on the asteroid as they hide from the Empire. She even asks why she never gets any lines in these things. But, in my mind, there was no character better ...

      • to play Bobba Fett then the Giant Chicken. That was great. Peter and the Chicken have tried to kill each other over several episodes of Family Guy and now, in Star Wars.

        In the end, as Lando and Chewy get ready to leave in the Falcon, Chewy asks the camera why Lando is wearing Han’s clothing. I honestly didn’t even think about that as I used to watch the original movie. It never dawned on me. So, when I thought about it, Chewy was right. Lando did seem to be wearing Han’s clothing in the original. Strange. But as I was waiting for the one part that would really stick out in my mind as the part of the show, I knew this was end of the show because this is where the movie ended. I was a little disappointed. Then it backs up and Luke asks if this was the end. Then a guy comes out and asks if he’s Luke Skywalker and gives him a letter. I almost burst with my laughter. Back to the Future!!

        Luke reads the exact letter that Marty reads at the end of Back of the Future II, celebrating the Doc was alive, which is completely different from the Star Wars films, but it was that one part that sticks me more than anything else in the film. And it even ends with the Back to the Future phrase, TO BE CONTINUED, in the same lettering.

        When it comes back to Peter and the family, Chris and Peter go at each other about the popularity of the first show, Blue Harvest, and about how it was different from the show Robot Chicken. I, myself, have never seen it, but heard about it. I don’t really have any interest in seeing it. Peter gets in one last hit to severely annoy Chris with a comment about a show called Without A Paddle starring Seth Green. Again, another Seth Green show I haven’t seen and have no desire to. This version was much better than I thought and thankfully so. If it was exactly like the Empire Strikes Back, I would never watch it again.

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