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West Los Angeles area
  • As a tenant of his for about 1 year, I found him to be a cheap, petty landlord

    • by Jayti
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      Michael Valentine, esq. : Do not rent from this man!

      This man works as a lawyer, but he is also owner and landlord of at least one apartment building in the West Los Angeles area. As a tenant of his for about 1 year, I found him to be a cheap, petty landlord.

      He attempted to make his own repairs on appliances and on the building and ‘cleans’ the apartments between renters, but the carpet is still not clean. While living in his apartment there were several instances that

      required the attention of the police.

      Although the apartment requires a key to get in the front door, there was at least one break-in where personal property of the tenants was stolen and at least one incident of vandalism in side the apartment building. Mr.

      Valentine was unsympathetic to the tenants when these events happened and accepted no responsibility for the security of the building. He was only interested in covering his own butt.

      After moving out of the apartment, he blames his tenants for not cleaning ...

      • the apartment and for other problems and withholds portions of the deposit. The things he lists are carpet stains, dirty stove, dust, and old TV cable wire, all of which were there before we moved in.

        He did this to other tenants, not just me and my roommate. We seriously considered legal action to get our full deposit back, but it wasn’t worth it for either of us to pursue.

        It would have been a greater expense to us in lost wages and court fees to

        sue this man. He also did not want any guests at the apartment, EVER! So if you have friends, you shouldn’t rent from him.

        And he was unreasonable regarding scheduling with my roommate and I to show potential tenants our apartment. He insisted on showing the apartment when we were there and when we had friends over instead of choosing times when we were working or otherwise out of the apartment.

        Overall, he was difficult to communicate with, obstinate, and confrontational. A pure, businessman, all he cared about was his money.

    julie says :

    hey, wondering what city you are in? wasn`t sure if it`s the same landlord….

    Meg says :

    We rented a house from him years ago and it was a huge mistake He divided the house with a locked sliding glass door and rented the master bedroom and bath to someone else which is totally illegal. We had a HUGE ant issue (i`m talking thousands)and told him we needed an exterminator asap. He came over with a can of Raid and refused to do anything else about it. When we complained a second time when they all came back he suggested we move out. He put the house up for sale and let the realtors come and go as they please. The realtor would tell people they could come by and look at the property (house and yard) whenever and several times we were not fully dressed when people were looking in our windows. When we moved out we scrubbed the place from top to bottom and even had our maids do a preliminary cleaning. He still took over 1 2 our deposit and then when we threatened him with small claims he said good luck trying to serve me . Really nice coming from an attorney. He is a jerk, scumbag landlord and horrible human being. Don`t ever give that man a dime

    quick note by anonymous :

    Hi there, I have very similar experience with this rogue landlord Michel Valentine. He’s not giving back my security deposit for the damages that existed before I moved in. I’m glad to find this online as this clearly shows what kind of person Valentine is. I’m going to court with him. If you are seeing this and would like to contribute, pls leave a note here. I’ll be visiting this web page from time to time.

    J says :

    How did it go in court? He is attempting to withhold my deposit for damages that existed when I moved in as well. We are considering legal action.

    Youg Calderon says :

    re : As a tenant of his for about 1 year, I found him to be a cheap, petty landlord
    I’ve had a great experience with this guy don’t know what happen with you but I don’t share these feelings at all. He has been very receptive to anything that has come up with my unit and has fix things timely and efficiently. He has had problems with other tenants in the building but after meeting those tenants I Understand why. He is an excellent landlord and I am very happy here I have spent 3 1/2 years here.

    anonymous says :

    He did the EXACT same thing to me and another tenant that moved out of the building. Did you pursue legal action? He is a snake and dishonest as they come. The place was disgusting when I moved in and he also charged me for damages that were there when rented.

    Jessie says :

    This man is horrible. DO NOT EVER rent from him if you value your mental health and money. As stated before he is cheap, and will take money from your security deposit. I have never met a landlord who is accusatory, and will not take responsibility for anything. And wait until you ask him to fix something. He will try to talk his way out of it. He charges way too much rent for outdated units, and the overall units are in so so shape.

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