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  • All joking aside, this was a pretty interesting game and one that did Square Enix justice
  • The game’s graphics aren’t the best, but this is a PS2 game
  • I have yet to be disappointed in the direction of the storyline
  • These two cutscenes are the only two in the game that have real life graphics and they look amazing

    • by sarahdragon26

      Disney. Need I say more. All joking aside, this was a pretty interesting game and one that did Square Enix justice. I’m a huge Disney fan and when I discovered this game, I knew I would love it. And I wasn’t wrong.

      Kingdom Hearts is an open-world type of game that Final Fantasy games have been like, and even have included some Final Fantasy characters such a Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, etc. Even thou the characters don’t follow their own storylines from their own respective games, they still have a big impact on this game’s direction and the direction of the main character, Sora. I had yet to play any of the Final Fantasy games when I first played Kingdom Hearts. I had only watched my husband play, so that was how I knew who most of the FF characters were.

      And instead of focusing on one amazingly different world as Final Fantasy games seem to do, Kingdom Hearts focuses on different worlds featuring our favorite Disney Characters. The list includes Tarzan, Pinocchio, Alice in

      Wonderland, etc. Each world that our heroes travel to, each is themed to the Disney character or movie, like Tarzan is in the Jungle, Alice is in Wonderland, etc. It was just like being inside of the movies themselves, interacting with characters that are timeless classics. I liked swinging through the veins with Tarzan and riding Carpet in Aladdin. But, like in every game I’ve played, there as always been one or two worlds that I dread going to. Alice in Wonderland and Pinnochio’s worlds. Wonderland has special doors all around their story-book levels and you have to enter the right ones to save Alice. If you enter the wrong one, it could take you somewhere you don’t want to be. I admit that I must have spread maybe two to three hours just trying to figure this system out when I first played and it didn’t get any easier any other times I played after that. In Pinnochio’s world, you’re inside of the giant sperm whale and you need to enter special doors of light to get where you want to go. And like with Wonderland, if you fall, you start all over. I really could have done without those levels.

      Anyone who knows anything about Disney is that many of the original voices of the characters are really old or dead, so they won’t sound exactly like the original movies, but the people who speak the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy) are the same who speak them now in Disney Channel cartoons and Mickey’s Clubhouse. For me, that was right on the money of it being as real as the voices could be.

      And instead of just creating any old villain for our heroes to fight, they fight the DISNEY VILLIANS!!! Some of the meanest and evilest bad guys out there. Or at least by Disney standards. And who is more evil then Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty to lead them all in a quest to control everything?! No one in my book, at least is the Disney universe, could be more evil then the Mistress of Darkness herself. I also had the ability to call on other Disney ...

      • Kingdom Hearts 1 For PS2
      characters to help me fight such as Simba and Tinker Bell when I got into a tough spot. Not that having Donald and Goofy traveling with me was help enough, but sometimes the special abilities these characters bring are just what I needed.

      The game’s graphics aren’t the best, but this is a PS2 game. They’re not made with the best system in mind for real life looking people, but it still looks pretty good. Whatever the game graphics don’t do, the storyline more than makes up for it. I have yet to be disappointed in the direction of the storyline. It’s tugs at my heartstrings and makes me feel sorry for Sora’s best friend, Riku, instead of disliking him.

      And after all of this praising, what would be a bad thing about the game? Final Mix, a revamped version of the game with a little extra content, was only released in JAPAN!!! And I can’t even order it, unless I have a Japanese PS2. Just breaks the heart. I’ve learned to live with it, but it is still a disappointment.

      I would love to see what is different and what is new.

      And the best thing about this game was not the Final Fantasy characters or bringing Disney into an action game that allows you to travel the worlds of Disney characters with Donald Duck and Goofy. It was the beginning and ending movies with the theme song, Simple and Clean. These two cutscenes are the only two in the game that have real life graphics and they look amazing. Graphics worthy of a PS3 game, in a PS2 game. Now, that’s something to be proud of. I even cried when Sora was pulled away from Kairi at the end, just as the song began to play. And the song, Simple and Clean, sung by the same woman for both Japanese and English versions, was powerful and just what the game needed to make an impact. That song is one of the favorite songs that I’ve ever heard.

      So, even thou this is a PS2 game, is there replay value? ABOUSTELY!! Downgrade a little from the PS3s and the Xboxs and check this game out.

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