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  • When I saw this product, and read the testimonials, I thought I had nothing to lose (except twenty dollars) so I gave it a try
  • This is usually not a problem unless you live alone
  • I highly recommend this for anyone suffering chronic pain

    • by reviewabit

      I am a sufferer of chronic pain from fibromyalgia, nerve pain, and lower back pain due to stress and injuries. I’ve heard so many people talk about acupuncture treatment for pain, and how it changed their lives, that I’ve really always wanted to try it, but never really knew of a reputable place locally that could provide that treatment. When I saw this product, and read the testimonials, I thought I had nothing to lose (except twenty dollars) so I gave it a try. This “Miracle Trigger” is a small, hand held acupuncture device.

      It has a plunger to press for the device to deliver a small electric shock through the tip, which touches your skin on a trigger point, to relieve pain. I was a little frightened of the thing at first, unsure of exactly how much of a shock

      it would deliver. How did I really know I could trust this device not to electrocute me, or do more damage than was already done? So I did what every intelligent, mature, and concerned individual would do in such circumstances.

      I talked somebody else into trying it first. A poor naive friend arrived at my home, unaware that she to be a guinea pig tortured with electric devices. I knew she had some lower back pain, so after offering homemade cookies and coffee (it was the least I could do before torturing her) I brought up the topic and she was all too willing to tell me how awful her back had been for months now! Being the good friend that I am, I offered to treat her with my new acupuncture device which I had just received (a ...

      • week ago) and had not tried out yet.

        The pain was around the mid to lower back area and I did as the instructions suggested– placing the contact point near the spine and giving her a little jolt. She didn’t even flinch. Brave girl.

        I did it again on the other side, and much to my surprise, instead of running screaming through the front door or asking me if I was on drugs, she looked up and said “That actually worked. I don’t feel any pain right now at all. ” I was flabberghasted.

        I guess the skeptic in me was already convinced that it was not going to work. We were both pretty excited about the idea now, and we took turns zapping eachother in various places that hurt. I can’t say that the product worked 100% of the time, but in

        about 60-70% of times we used it, it actually did seem to bring some legitimate pain relief.

        We could both feel a slight shock, but it was not painful, just startling if you are not expecting it. I keep this zapper close at hand now for when I have pain. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t– but it is an important part of the arsenal against fibromyalgia and other muscle pain in my house.

        Whoever came up with the idea for this do it yourself treatment, thank you!

        The only drawback is that if the pain is on your back, you do need a second party to help you get it in the right place. This is usually not a problem unless you live alone. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering chronic pain.

        It isn’t going to hurt to try.

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