Perfect Acai Pure Organic Acai Berry 120 capsules

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      When acai juice and supplements became such a big rage, I was interested. There has been some controversy as to whether it is really better than other fruits, and I am aware that it is being a bit over marketed. However, I wanted to give it a chance. I do believe in the power of antioxidants, and that is why I changed my diet to include as many as possible.

      I think in their live and natural form they are best. But this acai… it seemed to be a super-miracle antioxidant and I wanted in on it. Since I am diabetic, I have to watch my consumption of carbohydrates, which would include juice drinks.

      However, a supplement form would be very convenient– so I chose this one. Someone I know takes the brand, and had very nice things to

      say about it so I trusted her opinion. This acai is made from the berry’s powdered pulp.

      It’s organic, and that gives it extra points in my book. I was particularly interested in it’s claims of benefits to the skin and hair, since I am suffering a bit of hair thinning as I age, and also in its anti inflammatory properties. I have some arthritis and possible mild lupus that could benefit from that, and of course it’s believed that heart disease is linked to inflammation.

      I am diabetic, and heart disease is linked to that too. Add to that the fact that I am overweight and the berry is also reported to help with weight loss. It just seems like a no brainer that I, as well as just about anybody else, could reap ...

      • a lot of benefits from a “super-fruit” like acai.

        When I saw the price of this product, compared to its competitors, I was a little skeptical. I wondered if I would just be paying more for an organic product when others would be just as good. In the end, I decided to risk it, as I would probably want the best quality I could get if I wanted it to work.

        With everyone jumping on the acai bandwagon, every brand and its brother were going to rush to get their own piece of the profit. This brand seemed to be stable. Expensive, yes, but reliable as far as I could see it.

        My first couple of doses assured me that it wasn’t going to cause an allergy or upset my stomach. I am actually able to

        take them without food. After taking it for a couple of months, I was disappointed that I had not seen any benefits.

        I did not have more energy, was not losing weight, and could tell no difference in my symptoms. I am sure the product is good quality– but I am now even more convinced that real live fruit is the best way to get your antioxidants. When I changed my diet, I felt different.

        When I took this supplement, I felt the same as before. Maybe it just didn’t work for me personally and would for others, but I just feel it was not the right product for me. If you do want to take acai supplements rather than the fruit itself, I do think this is probably one of the best brands.

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