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  • Unfortunately,he has been having some mental problems
  • The plot about brain damage was pretty interesting
  • A scene I found really funny was when a hamster Sherman was experimenting on got really large and started destroying things

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      Nutty Professor 2:the klumps is the sequal the 1996 Eddie Murphy Film Nutty Professor. In this film,the title character Sherman Klump is getting ready to marry the love of his life,Denise.Everything seems to be going well for Sherman.Besides getting married he is making progress in a fountain of youth formula.Unfortunately,he has been having some mental problems.His evil alter ego from the last movie,Buddy movie is still causing trouble. The Buddy Lover personality is making Sherman doing mean things such as making inappropriate sexual advances towards Denise. This is due to Buddy Love’s DNA still being in Sherman Klump.After Buddy’s DNA makes Sherman have rude sexual advances at Denise,he decides to attempt to get rid of Buddy’s DNA through chemistry.One of his lab colleagues tells him that removing the DNA can be very dangerous.However,Sherman attempts the experiment anyway and is successful. However,the old DNA of Buddy combines with the hair of a dog used for science experiments.This causes Buddy to materialize into a full human being.However,due to

      his blending of DNA with a dog,

      Buddy now has canine tendencies such as chasing after cars and being sexually attracted to female dogs.Buddy wants to wreck Sherman’s life.he learns that Sherman is perfecting a fountain of youth formula and he seeks to steal in and take credit for it.He manages to do this by sneaking it Sherman’s house and stealing a sample of the formula.He then jeopardizes the remainder of the formula hes not stealing by putting bleach into it.Buddy Love stealing his formula is the least of Sherman’s problems. it turns out that Sherman is losing his brain cell after experimenting with himself before.Wen Sherman presents his youth formula to an investor,disaster strikes.After giving a hamster a sample of the formula,it grows at a huge rate until its giant.It then destroys various objects in the room ad harms many people.the dean of he college Sherman works at is angered by this and has Sherman fired.Despise this situation,Sherman plans to get his life back on track ...

      • by getting his old mind back and stop his brain from deteriorating.He plans to have Buddy Love turn into a goo and then digest him.He manages to find Buddy and tricks him into drinking a lot of youth formula.Sherman fills up a tennis ball with formula and throws it to Buddy who catches it in his mouth.buddy does this because he is still affected by Canine instincts.This turns Buddy into a toddler,then genetic goop.Sherman then manages to digest him before become really stupid. Drinking Buddy restores his intelligence.His life goes back to normal and he marries his girlfriend Denise.

        The Klumps was a fairly good film.It further developed the character Sherman Klump from the last movie.He is a man dealing with effects of brain damage rather than an obese guy suffering from social rejection.It was also nice to see Sherman get married.The plot about brain damage was pretty interesting.This plot dealt a lot with Sherman’s emotional and psychological health.I also liked that film also focused on

        Sherman’s family a bit.One subplot deals with Sherman’s father and mother having marital problems and solving them.The movie contained a lot of funny jokes.There was a scene in which Sherman was having dinner with his family.His family members were making a lot of rude sexual jokes.Sherman’s grandmother was constantly making fun of Sherman’s dad using a lot of sexual jokes.Another funny part was when Grandma keep talking about sexual and porn related subject matter.A scene I found really funny was when a hamster Sherman was experimenting on got really large and started destroying things. I found this hilarious.There was a lot of good acting Eddie Murphy was excellent at portraying Sherman.Even though he was wearing a fat suit,it seemed Sherman was a real character.Despite the film having a lot of funny points,t was a bit inferior to the first one.This film seemed like it relied little too much on gross humor such as sexual subject matter.However i was not a bad movie and had a lot of laughs in it.

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