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  • I have had this problem since I was about high school

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      I have yearly allergic rhinitis. I have had this problem since I was about high school. Now that I am in my 30s I have been plagued by it on a daily basis. In fact it has become a way of life for me already. Every night before I go to bed is quite difficult because I always have to blow my nose and my nose is always runny. My eyes water and I just sneeze a lot. When I get up in the morning I have a terrible stuffed nose and I have a difficult time breathing because of that.

      I finally went to the EENT and my doctor told me I had a bad case of allergic rhinitis. He then prescribed a nasal

      spray to help keep the allergic rhinitis symptoms at bay. The name of the nasal spray is Avamys. Avamys comes in a nice plastic dispenser. It has a nice cap, a plunger for pumping out the spray, and a window so that I am able to see how much medicine is left. Avamys is a corticosteroid spray, and delivers 27.5mcg per spray. One bottle has 120 actuations or number of sprays. This is not that cheap though. One bottle costs around $17-18 however it will last you a month. I was prescribed to use it for a month and then have another checkup to see if there had been improvements in my allergic rhinitis symptoms. My doctor told me my dosage was 2 sprays each nostril once a day for a month.

      At first though I just opened up the bottle and I did not know that the spray was to be primed. Priming the spray means pressing the pump for about 6 times until a mist appears. This is to be done every time the bottle is kept unused for a long time. If the bottle is used normally on a daily basis, the bottle has to be shaken for about 10 seconds before opening and using the spray. I learned my lesson! The first time I immediately sprayed it and I did not feel anything at all because I failed to prime it. Also, since this sprays a mist, I do not feel like my nose is drowning in medications.

      • Avamys (fluticasone furoate) Nasal Spray
      Sometimes I hardly feel something when I do. This is great because it does not make it annoying to use the spray unlike the other sprays that I have used before.

      After the first night that I used this nasal spray the effect did not come right away. I also read in the package insert that it does not do it right away. Effects will come after around 8 hours of use. I did notice this, and now after a couple of days using the spray, it did help making my nose become not too sensitive. Before even just a whiff of anything will make me sneeze and my eyes would water up, but now my nose is not as sensitive anymore. I still have the

      morning stuffiness but not as bad as before. From a scale of 1 to 10, before I used to have 10 as the worst allergic rhinitis that I have had. Now I am just down to maybe 6. This is really a marked improvement for me and I am looking forward to finishing the bottle and seeing myself be symptom-free.

      Corticosteroids are supposed to be tapered before completely stopping cold turkey. My doctor would probably make me use 1 spray each nostril instead of 2 sprays per nostril once I get better. For those who are suffering from allergic rhinitis, discuss this medication with your doctor. This is great because I feel so much better now versus the past days that I have not used this medication.

Jacqueline says :

re : I have had this problem since I was about high school
This is just perfect. Can use it everyday and feel mub better. My doctor recommended it to me. It been 1 year and i dont remember how it feels to have allergy.

Galega says :

Yes, you can use it daily for prolong duration. There should not be any use of this nasal spray regularly.

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