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  • Plain tap water burns my sinuses, and I just hate the whole sensation, so it was amazing to me that I was even considering trying this deliberately

    • by reviewabit

      There are a few things I have tried in life that just didn’t work out for me. Someone well meaning gave me this neti pot because I complained of sinus problems. According to them, this would solve them forever. This was my first and only neti pot, so I am not qualified to compare it to others, but I can tell you how I felt about this one, and the whole process of using it. This one is made of plastic.

      It’s pretty sturdy, and according to the package, it is eco-friendly and made of bio-plastic. It can’t be put into dishwashers, so it’s not so easy to sterilize. It is my understanding that most neti pots are ceramic, not plastic. This has the advantage of not being as heavy, and not breaking if you drop it.

      I can certainly see where

      the lower weight is a plus, after actually using it and having to hold it up. The closest thing I have done to nasal irrigation before this was inhaling steam or using a saline spray. This is a whole different ball game. To “neti” you actually pour water into your nostril and let it come out the other nostril, or let it go into your throat.

      The idea of doing either one of those things was completely alien to me. I can’t even stand it if pool water gets up my nose, or if I snort shampoo water by accident in the shower. Plain tap water burns my sinuses, and I just hate the whole sensation, so it was amazing to me that I was even considering trying this deliberately. On my first use, I filled the pot with the ...

      • warm saline solution.

        I had practiced holding the pot and my head in the correct position before actually trying it “for real. ” Once I put the tip in my nostril, I immediately felt a bit panicky, and started giggling at my own fear of having the liquid go into my nose. I made a few false attempts, chickening out at the last moment– but finally I managed to get some liquid in. At first I stopped, sputtered, gagged, and got angry at my own intolerance.

        After all, this was supposed to cute all of my sinus problems. I needed to just get on with it and stop being a baby. I tried a final time, and got the liquid in, and out the other side. The feeling it gave me was bizarre, like dizziness and feeling like I needed to

        sneeze all at the same time.

        The saline burned. It wasn’t supposed to. Afterwards, I was able to blow a bit of mucus out and I admit it did seem to break up the congestion. The idea of getting the water any further down, as in my throat, was completely intolerable to me.

        I did not like the sensation using this pot gave me, even if it did work. It was just too uncomfortable. As far as recommending this pot, if you are into the neti thing, it’s probably a great option. I can’t imagine holding up a heavy ceramic pot while dealing with all that, so the plastic is probably the only kind I would ever use.

        My pot is in the closet, and I will probably not use it unless I am totally and completely desperate!

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