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  • One day I found the Cig2O E-Cig for sale at a local smoke store
  • Now that I've used it a while, I can easily say it is the best E-Cig I have ever come across
  • It allows me to get my nicotine for next to no cost, without doing any harm
  • They have tobacco, Cuban cigar (interesting), coffee, grape, Kamelz (Turkish tobacco), menthol, and raspberry
  • I am impressed with their product and I will continue to use Cig2O

    • by Ricardo L

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      I have been a user of E-Cigarettes for about a year. After having problems with other E-Cig companies, I was really looking for another E-Cigarette so I can continue my absence from tobacco. One day I found the Cig2O E-Cig for sale at a local smoke store. The package included two batteries, 11 “cartimizers” (their word for cartridges), a wall charger, and a USB charger. For everything it was just $40. The price alone had me buying it. Now that I’ve used it a while, I can easily say it is the best E-Cig I have ever come across.

      They advertise that the cartimizers will last the equivalent of two 20-packs of cigarettes. From

      my use, I have found this to be roughly accurate. I go through about one or two cartimizers per week, which is just about right. At just $14.95 for a 5-pack, they’re just $1.50 per pack-equivalent. That’s really cheap considering in Connecticut, cigarettes are $9 a pack. It allows me to get my nicotine for next to no cost, without doing any harm. In fact, the sole use of E-Cigs has really done wonders for my stamina and energy.

      The Cig2O cartimizers are available in an array of flavors, all of which are good. They have tobacco, Cuban cigar (interesting), coffee, grape, “Kamelz” (Turkish tobacco), menthol, and raspberry. They are available in 24mg, 18mg,

      • 8mg, and 0mg nicotine levels. The amount of flavors give me a variety of tastes while the different nicotine levels can help me ease off nicotine for good. Awesome.

        The quality of the Cig2O E-Cig is quite good. I’ve gone through about 65 cartimizers since I started and it hasn’t given me any problem. I get about 10-15 cigarettes-equivalent out of a charge, which is a little low, but I can’t complain. The battery capacity hasn’t gone down at all. It’s pretty rugged as well; I’ve dropped it countless times and it hasn’t sustained any damage at all.

        The size and weight of the Cig2O E-Cig is not optimal, but it’s better than some

        I’ve used. It’s just light enough that it doesn’t fall out of my mouth. It’s about as thick as a common ball-point pen, which is fine.

        Overall I am really impressed with Cig2O’s version of the almighty E-Cigarette. If you are considering replacing tobacco with an E-Cig or looking to get away from the countless bad brands, I highly recommend Cig2O. Good quality, real cheap, and you can start for less than the price of a carton of regular cigarettes. They are available online and at stores; I like being able to go to a physical store, which most E-Cig companies don’t do. I am impressed with their product and I will continue to use Cig2O.

    Storm says :

    I just purchased the cig20 and I am impressed so far. I smoked a half pack of organic american spirits a day. Cigs are getting way too expensive where I live, and I want to be healthy again. I wasn`t sure what to expect, but I was quite impressed when I tried it. It has a great flavor, and tastes and feels just like I`m smoking a real cigarette. I haven`t tried any other brands yet, and I`m impressed with this one so far. I really enjoy being able to smoke indoors, and not have to go outside and freeze my buns off. The vapors were a little harsh for me at first, but I`m getting used to it. I`m getting little headaches as well, but I`m sure it will decrease over time. The side effects are minor and hopefully I can quit smoking soon.
    Becki Hesedahl says :

    I started using the Cigs2o last summer here in Ketchikan, AK. Our local store has sold out almost every week - hard to keep the cartomizers in stock. Mine don`t seem to last as long as they claim and I have had to buy two more battery packs. But I have stopped using regular cigarettes so it is worth it to me. I am moving to Salem Oregon next month and need to find a distributor. I have contacted the company at various times but never received a response. Great product - not so hot on customer service. I have tried other e-cigs and like these best. Don`t want to switch. Anyone have idea how to find distributor in Salem, Oregon?
    RS staff says :

    You can buy it online on Amazon :
    Shawn says :

    Have you found a store in Salem, Oregon? I just moved here myself from Portland, Oregon. Don’t want to drive 45 miles to get more, so hoping to find a Salem, Oregon location for supplies.
    S Owens says :

    Habits Tobacco on Commercial Street SE in Salem, Oregon. It’s across from the Fred Meyer Store in South Salem
    Jennifer Ogg says :

    Becki, I’m not sure how old this post is but I read it today, June 5, 2017, and wanted to let you know that I order online direct from the company. They alway have great sales and incentives. As for customer service we have had no trouble communicating with them. Try using the following email address and website to set up an account and order or communicate. Email: support[at] Website:
    Hope this helps.
    moons says :

    amazon cigarette are not the best, try to buy it from Dubai mall in UAE, they have it for less prices and better quality that last years.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I have been using Cig20 for 6 months now and am getting frustrated because at least one cartridge refill out of every pack is not full and empties after a couple of minutes. Yesterday 3 out 5 were bad. I really like this product best out of all the previous ones I have tried and don’t want to quit using them but they really need to work on their quality control problems for the refills.
    KaKe says :

    I have refilled my cig20 cartonomizers many times. I have been using them for a couple of years. Recently I switched to ego c upgrade passthrough. I love it the charge last all day and I can still vape while it is charging. I use a clearomizer and refill with my choice of flavor that is purchased online. azsmoke free has a frangelico flavor I love and they usually get my order to my door within 2 days. I have used this with my cig2o as well.I always charge cig2o overnight. I also have backup battery on hand and in my vehicle. In my opinion I will always use a passthrough. never run out of vape that way. I can charge it in the truck as well and use the pass through while I drive.
    Jennifer Ogg says :

    Try emailing the company at support[at] and request replacements for your defective products. Include the order number and part number (on back of box) in your email. I have done this a few times and they always send replacements.
    holly says :

    i agree-i bought 10 packages (50 cartridges) a lot of them didnt seem to last more than a couple hours. and i had to drag real hard on them to get a small amount of smoke.i bought the 24 mg, but feels like im smoking the lowest ones.i smoke menthol, after about 10 or so drags, menthol taste is gone.feel that ive wasted over $ 100 on these, so i wont be ordering again. i shoulve only ordered 2 packs to try them out, but i was in a panic after the company i bought from shut down, along with 3 other of their subsidies, so after reading reviews on cig2o (which were all great) i figured id be ok ordering from them
    Ann says :

    I have found the new cartomizers are not as good as the old ones. You have to take so many puffs to even get one hit. I wish they would bring the old ones back. Not happy with them all and looking for something else to use. Any ideas. Also the filters sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. And the store I buy them from said they could not take them back. I bought two three packs and four of them had nothing in them. Very disappointed with them now. Loved them at first
    bud says :

    The cartonomizers does not last as long as they say, or the ones’ in my kit. I purchased the kit 01/28/2015, I’m on the last of five cartonomizers.
    I’m going to seek another top rated one.
    Thank You
    Shayna Resnick says :

    re : I am impressed with their product and I will continue to use Cig2O
    I think Jewels have more flavor.
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