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  • I found this brush was really effective at killing the static
  • After all, I bought the brush merely for this matter
  • What I like best about this brush is how it enhances the texture of dry hair
  • I believe this could also double as a dispersing brush when the situation calls me to use a certain leave-on product and distribute it thoroughly
  • I absolutely recommend this as well as the others

    • by jhunie


      I never actually intended to buy a paddle brush while combing through every listing available at a certain auction site. I was more contemplating on buying a good vent brush, preferably round, and has extra heat-styling properties inclined for hair straightening. For the longest time, I’ve been using a common round brush, which seemed an inadequate tool to prep my hair, and nowhere near the salon-style results I was dreaming of. I wanted a round brush with thicker bristles. I read high density bristle brushes really give a better grip on the hair, so I assert them to be the most competent tools to use when hairstyling. My passing obsession to hair brushes reached a severe extent once I opted to undergo a hair straightening treatment. Consequently, I became caught up in the moment of styling my straightened hair; keeping it eternally straight was the principal objective, rather a challenge for me who thought I was going to spend a lifetime in my then curly head. My hairdresser never approved of me applying heat-based hair appliances to fix my hair. The damages outweigh the temporary benefits of heat styling according to him. In a nutshell, my previous plan blew out and I had to search another basic hair brush as an alternative. I saw this paddle brush and a couple other Goody items under one seller. One facet of this anti-frizz paddle brush from goody that proved to be an effective selling point is its ionic feature.

      Next to my detangler, this particular brush is a must-have tool.

      I found this brush was really effective at killing the static. I attribute that to the paddle brush’s ion-infused tips. After all, I bought the brush merely for this matter. Static ends are the peskiest problems for straight heads. I’m not sure what the cushioned base is made of, but I perceive it’s not entirely plastic, so it doesn’t contribute to a lot of static. This is not a bristle brush and the individual ball tips have black-coated shafts, which are firmer than boar bristles. I suppose the ion-infused ball tips smooth out the frizz, but I don’t feel a considerable amount of warmth generated along the process. What I like best about this brush is how it enhances the texture of dry hair. My hair feels smooth afterwards with a healthy sheen. A brush of this tool is enough for me to style my hair. The only hard part to brush is the small chopped up section cascading from my bangs down to the ends. This side of my hair cut frames my face so it’s important that the strands really adhere to the contours of my face. A drop of leave-on serum or straightening balm usually helps.

      This tool functions as my finishing brush to set the final look. It’s advantageous for styling and gives my hair a quick casual fix. I love the gentle brush tips. They don’t scratch my ...

      • scalp. In fact, I always look forward to its therapeutic feel. The ball tips massage my scalp and stimulate it. I very much appreciate that it doesn’t yield a lot of hair fall. I’m very conscious of this matter as I brush my hair and so far, my head has stopped shedding a significant amount, since I underwent the straightening treatment, which is rather strange. I still believe how you brush your hair is more important than what type of tool you use, this may not guarantee a few splits and breaks won’t happen. The paddle brush is quite large in size and sweeps sections of hair effortlessly. Though I try to be much careful at the nape where hair is very thick and part it into smaller sections, so less breakage occurs. Just a few brushings and my hair is done. The paddle brush has a length of 10 inches – nearly the size of one ruler, minus an inch or two.

        I believe this could also double as a dispersing brush when the situation calls me to use a certain leave-on product and distribute it thoroughly. Though, I’d rather employ my multifunctional detangler to do the task on hand, because I worry that the usually oil-based formulas of most hairstyling products could stay within the cushioned base of the brush, and provide a veritable spawning ground for dirt and bacteria of sorts. It’s an important measure I keep in mind to maintain my hair implements in their

        sanitized conditions. I like to brush my hair with this paddle brush only once my hair has totally dried. I also constantly check the padded base to see if dirt and hair strands are stuck.

        Another worth-mentioning aspect of the paddle brush, though a bit trivial, is its plasmium gel handle. It adds to the brush’s professional appeal. It seems like a big feature of this brush because you can really see the superimposed terms ‘plasmium gel’ on the handle, yet nothing hints that the more important bristles are ionic, without its initial packaging of course. The comfy gel handle adds to the nice things I like about this paddle brush. The handle is made of very soft, jelly-like material. It feels quite cushiony as you hold the rounded handle and the softness of the plasmium gel permits one to grapple the handle tightly, with less discomfort. Regardless of the handle, the paddle brush is fairly light to carry, especially with my feeble hands, which are prevalent to show slight tremors. I don’t feel it pulling my head and putting a huge weight over my hair strands.

        I may not have the means to visit the salon regularly, but I’m confident that my locks are well cared for. A huge chunk of that I credit to the Goody items I own. I absolutely recommend this as well as the others. The 10 dollar price tag is worth investing. I must say, Goody products are slowly turning me into an obsessed hair fiend.

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