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  • The thief and the cobbler was a very interesting and well made animated film
  • Besides the love interest plot,I thought the plot elements involving the three golden balls were pretty nice

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      The thief and the cobbler is a 1993 animated fantasy film set in an Arabian like land..Even though it was released in 1993,the film was in production for about 30 years because of the difficulty of the director to fund the movie.In the beginning of the film,the three golden balls stood upon the king’s castle.They protected the arabian kingdom.If they were removed,an evil army led by a creature named One Eye would attack the kingdom.The movie is about a young cobbler(shoemaker), named Tak who leaves his quite life to recover 3 golden balls from evil invaders led by a creature named One Eye.This all began when a thief tried to rob him one day.When and the thief fight in public,this results in the grand vizier to the king Zig Zag,stepping on a Tak owned by Tak.Zig Zag is a man who practices a lot of the dark arts and is good with using magic.He bought Tak to the king and recommended he be taken to prison.However,the king’s daughter,Yum Yum takes a liking to the young man.She breaks one of her shoes on purpose to convince her father she has used for a cobbler.He enjoys spending time with princess yum yum and starts to get attracted to her.However,he is very shy and doesn’t have much conversation with her or expresses how much he likes her.Things seem to go well for the cobbler.He now has a nice place to work and he gets to work for the princess.However,the thief he met earlier shows up at the castle.He comes into the room the cobbler is working it and plans to steal something.Tak chases him and tries to capture him but he gets away before he can capture him.While chasing after the thief,Tak runs into Grand Vizier Zig Zag who locks him up again.Meanwhile,the thief notices the three magic balls on top

      of the castle.Despite being very high,he is able to get all three in the process.Tak escapes from prison but is unable to stop the thief from stealing the balls.

      The king eventually sees this and panics,fearing his kingdom will be in danger.Grand Vizier Zig Zag tells his own personal soldiers to get the gold balls for him.Zig Zag plans to get a big reward by returning the gold balls to the king.He hopes this reward would be getting married to princess yum yum.This would make him the new ruler the kingdom.Zig Zag’s men do succeed in getting the golden balls from the thief who accidentally drops them.Zig Zag tricks the king into thinking that the golden balls have magically disappeared and only he can recover them.He demands to get married to Yum Yum but the King declines becuase he dosen’t think Zig Zag would be a suitable husband for his daughter.Zig Zag angrily decides to take the gold balls to the evil One Eye and his army hoping he would get a great reward from One Eye.Meanwhile,.the king wants to find someway to recover the balls since he thinks they magically disappeared..He knows of a good witch that has magic powers that may be able to help them.His daughter,Yum ,Yum wants to go on the journey by herself.The king finally agrees but still wants a brave man to go along with her.She recommends that Tak,the cobbler should go with her.They go out into a desert and eventually come across the old witch.She tells Tak a riddle involving a tak.He does not understand this at first.However,after pondering it for a bit,he realizes only a single tak can be used to stop the evil

      One Eye army.Meanwhile,Zig Zag went to One Eye and gave him the golden balls.He also told him he was a sorcerer and One Eye made Zig Zag ...

      • a member of his army.Tak,and Yum Yum then gather an army and prepare to fight the One Eye army.Tak remembers the advice the witch gave him and throws a tak at a warrior in One Eye’s army.The tak bounces off a shield and then starts bouncing off bunch of other equipment for battle used by One Eye.This causes a lot of the army equipm,ent to backfire on One Eye’s army.For example,the tak hits a hug pot of hot lava and it tips over and burns some members of the One Eye army.In the middle of all this,teh thief seen earlier is trying to steal the gold balls again which sit on top the of the castle owned by One Eye.Despite the battlefield being very dangerous,the thief manages to get one gold ball after the other without being harmed.Eventually,all of army equipment is destroyed.Zig Zag eventually dies by falling into a cliff and eating by alligators.One Eye’s army is also destroyed along with One Eye himself.The thief decides to give the golden balls to the king despite taking the time to steal them.He is praised for this and regarded as a hero.Tak is regarded as a hero too.After the battle,Tak becomes a prince and gets married to Yum Yum for saving the king’s kingdom.

        The thief and the cobbler was a very interesting and well made animated film.Some elements of the film seemed a little cliche,such as having a poor young man fall in love with a princess.However,the film is not really bad at all and has nice plot development.Besides the love interest plot,I thought the plot elements involving the three golden balls were pretty nice.I found it interesting that just three golden balls had the power to guard an entire kingdom from evil..I also loved that the thief character ending up helping to save the day at the

        end of the film.The art direction,characters and animation in film looked very interesting and top notch.Tak,the cobbler had a really unique design.He had really light skin like a porcelain doll and had childlike innocent features.The theif had an interesting rat like appearance.Even though he was human,he didn’t didn’t look quite human.He looked sort of like a strange alien with dark green skin.The character Zig Zag was very well animated and designed.

        He had a lanky blue appearance with very cartoonish features. His walking animations have a very unique springy and Zig Zag look to them.Perhaps that is why he was called Zig Zag.His face was also very animated.It looked like there were a lot of frames used to animate his face since it was so expressive.It almost was like he was an actual person talking rather than an animated character.He also had really fun way of rhyming all of his dialogue.I though this was pretty creative.There was also a complex animation sequence in which the Cobbler was chasing after the thief.The while ,castle sort of turned into a psychedelic land when the chase sequence began.All the background objects in the room just became white and black.The objects and buildings of the film also have a clever design.They sort of look like they had a lot of simplified animation common in the 1950s.Another thing I really loved about the film was how One Eyes Army got destroyed.There was no real battle.All was stopped by a single Tak.This Tak ended up destroying the entire army and its weapons.This was a very unique idea..Also,the sequence in which the Tak destroyed everything was animated pretty well.There was a whole lot of detail shown to how the Tak destroyed everything.The movie had shown everything in the evil army being destroyed by the Tak.Every evil contraption and weapon was completely destroyed.Because of this,the sequence in which the Tak destroyed everything was relatively long.

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