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      Pinocchio is a 2002 adaption of the Carlo Collodi book about a wooden puppet named Pinocchio striving to be a real boy.It was originally released in Italy but then it was released in the US in dubbed American voices.The film begins when an old man Gepetto carves a wooden boy out of magical wood.The wood comes to life as a living puppet boy.Geppeto names the puppet boy Pinocchio.Geppeto develops an attachment to the wooden boy.However,the boy is very mischievous.When Gepetto buys the boy school books and sends him to school,Pinocchio chooses to goof off rather than go to school.He causes mischief in town and plays around in a circus.Eventually,he comes across an anthropomorphic fox and cat who convince him to stay out of school even longer.They convince them to join them in some sort of scheme.They lie to him,telling him that gold will grow from a field if he plants his gold coins there.They convince him of doing this and steal his gold coins when he has planted them in a field.Pinocchio tries going to court to sue the fox and the cat for doing this.However,the judges simply throw him in prison.In prison,he meets an unruly boy like himself named Leonardo whom he befriends.

      Later,pinocchio is freed.Throughout the film,Pinocchio encounters a fairy in ablue dress who tries to help him become

      a good boy by giving him advice.Pinocchio makes an attempt to be good.He thinks about going back to school and making Gepetto proud.However,he encounters Leonardo again who convinces him to go to a fantasy land for boys.In this land,there is no school and boys can play and have fun and play all day.Pinocchio almost declines Leonardo’s offer to go but gives in to temptation and goes with him to the fantasy land.Little does Pinocchio know,the ;land is an evil one.Him and Leonardo have a day of fun and play when they get there.Howeve,rthe next day,they begin turning into donkeys. There are owners of the land who plan to turn all the boys there into donkeys and sell them into slavery.Leonardo,turns all the way into a donkey.However,Pinocchio manages to escape.While trying to go home,he discovers his father,Gepetto is swallowed by a whale.Pinocchio tehn goes to find his father in the sea and ends up being swallowed by the same whale that ate his father.Despite Pinocchio being very naughty,Gepeto forgives him and tells him he will love him no matter what. Later, Pinocchio discovers Gepetto is sick.He needs many cups of milk to get better. Pinocchio agrees to work for a farmer to get Gepetto the glasses of milk he needs.He no longer goofs off but works hard for the farmer ...

      • daily.He does well and is able to get Gepetto enough milk to get better.For all his hard work,and helping his father,Pinocchio becomes a real boy at the end of the movie.

        This was an interesting version of Pinocchio.It seems very loyal to the original Carlo Carlodi tale.It has the basic summary of Pinocchio learning to become a real boy through various trials.There is the scenes in which boys are turned into donkeys on pleasure island .However,this film is pretty dark and not sugar coated like many other Pinocchio movie adaptions.Pinocchio isn’t really portrayed as an innocent boy who is easily tricked and manipulated.He is very mischievous,selfish and gets into trouble .He is often punished for it throughout the film.For example,he gets arrested and goes to jail various times and has to escape.He also almost gets hanged.His friend Leonardo dies in the film too at the end.I sort of liked how the film was more true to the Collodi tale and didn’t have any major changes.The film has great costume design.Gepetto is dressed like a woodcarver like he is supposed to.Also,the film has a nice medieval vibe to it.Pinocchio’s outfit was was a jester type outifit with a strange hat.It could have used a little more work to make Pinocchio look more wooden though. He looked a little too human.Despite

        the good of the film,what I didn’t like was the American dubbing.The American voice used to for the Italian actor who plays Pinocchio is not really fitting.The voice sounds too young.The actor who played Pinocchio was 49 and the dubbed voice made him sound 25.The mouth movements really do not sync up too good to the dubbing can tell when the mouths don’t move sometimes when the dubbed voice is speaking.Leonardo’s voice has no real energy to it.It seems kind of stale and lazy.The dubbed actor seemed to just say his lines with not much emotion.Something I didn’t like too much was that Pinocchio was played by a 49 year old actor.

        It is sometimes hard to think of Pinocchio as a boy when you see he is a 49 year old guy acting a bit childish.Plus,it was a bit hard to see Gepetto as his father since they looked like they were in the same age range.There were actually other child characters such as Leonardo being portrayed by adults .However, at least they are being played by young adults.The other kids can interpreted as teenage kids since their actors are young.However,the 49 year old actor playing Pinocchio was obviously pretty old looking.Overall,i found the film an average production.It was not the best version of Pinocchio I saw.However,it is not a really poor movie either.

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