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  • It's funny because when the table, chairs and umbrella all get knocked over, the colonel thinks it was the good stuff that he was drinking that set the world to flying about

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “War of the Roses” is an episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies”. In this episode, Granny, Elly May and Jethro are determined to win the feud that they think they have with a neighboring castle. At the other castle, there’s a retired military man that’s a little to fond of drinking, and so he is a willing participant in the feud. Additionally, this episode wraps up a storyline that was started in the “A Bundle for Britain” episode as Mr. Drysdale convinces Jane Hathaway to dress up as the Queen and come out to Clampett Castle in Kent, England to accept the deed to Canada.

      This episode is full of all sorts of wacky stunts that are hilarious to watch. Jethro

      builds himself a catapult and attaches it to the truck so that he can go soaring over the other castle’s walls and capture the enemy. Watching Elly launch Jethro up into the air is a scream and seeing where Jethro lands is even funnier. He ends up knocking over the patio table and umbrella the intoxicated colonel was lying under looking for his bottle that his daughter had hid before just giving up and drinking from a bottle that he always kept with him. It’s funny because when the table, chairs and umbrella all get knocked over, the colonel thinks it was the good stuff that he was drinking that set the world to flying about! Another comical stunt ...

      • is when the intoxicated colonel and Jethro commence with a joust, and both crash into each other while on their horses, sending both to the ground and causing both to see stars. Granny’s words of “encouragement” which were more like threats to Jethro for him to get up first so that they would win the “war of the roses” while telling “greeny” or the colonel who was dressed in green armor, that it was her opinion as a doctor that he should stay down. It was all very funny to see.

        “War of the Roses” is an episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies” that delivers funny moment after funny moment. Other highlights of the episode include Granny training the servants

        that work in Clampett Castle to fight, remaking how she had hoped to assemble a “dirty dozen” but had to settle for the “filthy four” because the others weren’t feuding material. Near the end of the episode, Mr. Drysdale assumes the role of a servant to the Queen, who is Jane Hathaway in disguise, and sets up a throne and red carpet so that the Clampetts will believe they really are standing before the Queen of England, while the servants watch in confusion, but silence, as Mr. Drysdale has made it worth their while to stay quiet. It’s certainly a busy episode with lots going on and it was a fun way to spend twenty-five minutes. I’m giving this episode a “10″ rating.

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