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  • However,the leprechaun is able to persuade her with jewels and promises her great riches if she marries him

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      Leprechaun 4 is the fourth trilogy in the Leprechaun Horror franchise.This particular installment is a horror with some comedy elements. As expected,the film stars and evil leprechaun.The evil leprechaun is somehow in space in this film. The film is about a group of army marines hunting for gold on a ship.They are paired with a scientist to collect alien samples in the location where they are hunting for gold. Meanwhile,an evil leprechaun is trying to marry a princess from the planet Dominia to become King and have power.The princess is reluctant at first. However,the leprechaun is able to persuade her with jewels and promises her great riches if she marries him.The leprechaun is actually in the same place where the marines are.One marine finds some of the Leprechaun’s jewels. Before he can take some,the leprechaun kills him with a light saber type weapon..The other marines discover this and blow up the leprechaun with a grenade.The alien princess is harmed by it even though she wasn’t that close to it. One of the marines pisses on a piece of the leprechaun’s body. Because of this,the leprechaun is able to start the process of rebirth in the marine’s body.

      Later the scientist woman who was with the marine’s on the gold mining trip tries to revive the alien princess with the help of her boss,a doctor,Dr. Mittehhand.Later,Dr Mittenhand discovers that the alien princess has body repair abilities.Her hand had been blown off by the grenade earlier.However,it managed to regenerate.The doctor plans

      to use her dna to regenerate his human body.He is a half human half cyborg using a metal base for transportation.He became a cyborg in an experiment many years ago.Meanwhile,while the other marine’s are celebrating the kill of the leprechaun,the leprechaun is reborn through the penis of one of the marines killing the marine..Eventually,Dr. Mittehand learns about this and commands the marines to kill the leprechaun because they are under a contract to work for him.The contract ended before the leprechaun was reborn but Dr. Mittenhand had the ability to extend the contract.The commander of the marines knows that the leprechaun wants the princess as a wife so he just wants to give up the princess so the leprechaun will go away.However,Dr. Mittenhand disapproves.He is secretly going to use the dna of the princess to grown a new body.After this the marines begin the hunt for the leprechaun with the female scientist coming along. Many of them get killed by the leprechaun with evil powers and conventional killing methods.

      Later,the leprechaun manages to break into the lab of Dr. Mittenhand where he is experimenting on the alien princess.He frees the princess and punishes the Dr. by injecting the princess dna inside of him.hr first mixes the dna with scorpions and tarantulas in blender.They think this kills him but it later transforms him into some giant spider mutant.He then activates the ship’s self destruction so he can kill all of the marines on the ship while he gets away.One of the marines,an ...

      • African American goes to disable the self destruction sequence.While at a computer figuring out the pass-code,he is attacked by the now mutated Dr. Mittenhand.However,he just wraps him up in a web and goes looking for other victims.Despite being in a web,the marine is still able to work at figuring out the pass code.The other marines meet the evil leprechaun in the cargo.Despite getting hit with some ray that makes him far taller,the marines manage to escape with the princess and the self destruct sequence is stopped.THE giant mutant Mittenhand is also killed by liquid nitrogen and then shot which made him explode.The leprechaun is locked in one room and sucked out into space and explodes because the airlock is opened.

        This movie was pretty much a failure in entertainment.First of,special effects are pretty bad,During sequences showing spaceships in flight,you appear to see cheap looking cgi models that look like they came from a 1994 pc space shooter.It appears that the movie budget was not high enough to create real spaceship models.The plot is also sort of broken and pretty outlandish.The main plot with the Leprechaun in space is pretty ludicrous to begin with.Perhaps the film could have been a bit more tolerable if there was a concrete plot involving the Leprechain in Space.However,that is not the case.You don’t really know why the Leprechaun is in space in the first place or even how he got ther..You also know basically nothing about the princess he desires to marry.We know that she comes

        from a certain planet but that’s it..A minor problem is confusion about the time period.It appears that the leprechaun is in a futuristic world but almost nothign is said about what year it is.However,the time period thing is not that significant for a film about a leprechain slaying people.

        The deaths in the film are not really that good either.Most of the time,you don’t see the after effects of when the Leprechaun kills people.For example,when the leprechaun slices a man in half with a lightsaber,we don’t see the guy get sliced.It just quickly cuts to a camera shot of his face when he is dead.Some of the acting was also bad.Dr. Mittenhand had a very stereotypical German accent.It also sounded pretty fake and forced. The commander of the marine’s seemed to overact.He just acted like an exaggeration of a sergeant in the army which got pretty annoying.There were also some scenes in the film that were disturbing and had no real place in the film.One was when the leprechaun was being born through a guy’s private parts.This was more disturbing than scary.Couldn’t the writers could have thought of the leprechaun being born in some other way.There is also and extremely unnecessary scene in which the marine commander is brainwashed into killing his own troops.He is dressed as a transvestite with a purse and lip syncs while attempting murder.The fact that he was dressed as a transvestite was really outlandish and weird.Even for a film with comedy and horror element such as this.Overall,the film Leprechaun 4 is not good.

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