Swanson Melatonin 3mg Capsules Sleep-inducing Supplement
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  • I think this product works to a credible extent
  • To be fair, I like that the melatonin capsules put me back to my normal sleep-cycle and not really a dramatic surge of sleep time
  • I know some people who take Melatonin supplements as part of their weight loss/diet management plan

    • by jhunie


      It’s generally hard to put myself to sleep. I’m guilty of staying up late. I suppose not much has changed since I was a sleep-deprived college student. My body has immense memory and really remembers that I slept only 3 hours the past day and subsequently never recovers from the deficiency. I tried sleeping with a mask, shutting down the windows to prevent distracting daylight and other methods, but occasionally, I still have trouble falling asleep. I tried sleeping drugs before but didn’t want to get hooked on them for long term use. I heard of Melatonin antioxidants and was interested to give them a shot. I managed to find these brand of melatonin supplements from swanson. I think this product works to a credible extent.

      Unlike sedatives, melatonin takes effect at gradual stages. It’s not going to make you slump in bed right away. It takes effect the next 30 minutes for me but it can vary. I usually feel drowsy after taking the capsule. I say the quality of sleep it gives me is very good. But once my body lets go of sleep, I find it hard to get back. It’s the same with this capsule. If I oversleep, I could remember most of my dreams. I feel fully rejuvenated the next morning, or should I say the afternoon on

      weekends. I feel very outgoing and I can put my head on something without it drifting away into a dreamy state or longing for a short nap. A full 8 hours of sleep is hardly achievable during weekdays, even a good 6 hours is sufficient to help me beat an afternoon snooze. My eyes suffer the most when I fail to catch some sleep. Getting plenty of rest relieves my bloodshot eyes and the puffy fatigued sensation that builds up around the area. I like to oversleep on weekends.

      Between Sundays and manic Mondays, this is where my sleep patterns get too cramped. Since I need to turn in early on a Sunday, I end up sleeping more and a headache at times may come afterwards.

      I take the supplements only past the 12 midnight mark so I can make the most out of the remaining 6 or 5 hours I have left to rest. Sometimes, there are nights I don’t see myself busying around and can afford to sleep at an earlier time. Thus, I don’t panic of losing precious hours of sleep and can do it naturally without the capsule. I must say the first week of taking the capsule, probably 4 times the whole week, was not very consistent. I would wake up earlier than expected which is the usual irregular drill for me.

      • Some days I sleep a full 6 hours or less. To make sense of it, I think it’s very apt to call the capsules “sleep-inducing” because they assist in putting my body to a sleepy state, but it doesn’t actually boost the length of time, except perhaps the days wherein my body clock is in “lazy mode” and I won’t have to prompt myself to wake up early. To be fair, I like that the melatonin capsules put me back to my normal sleep-cycle and not really a dramatic surge of sleep time. Other prescription drugs cause my sleeping patterns to fluctuate, thereby affecting my daytime activities and my body seems to shift to a new cycle, in a different time.

        What I like about Swanson’s products are their calibrated sizes which are illustrated in a chart and you can see the approximate size of the pill or tablet. The capsules are small and need to be taken with a glass of water, as stated on the label. This particular dosage dispenses only 3 mg of Melatonin to the body, if you’ve drunk caffeine earlier, I won’t vouch this will work in its fullest potency. I take it an hour before sleeping and have to be possibly in bed by then. I still do the classic bedtime reading to erase stressful thoughts because my brain has a strong tendency to get excited,

        whenever I reflect on the things that happened that day. I also like to listen to music to get into the mood. The capsule might not work at all when I go to sleep with fresh and very strong emotions overpowering my urge to sleep. I don’t sense any prevailing reactions against the drugs, except the minor headaches I get if I sleep too much.

        I know some people who take Melatonin supplements as part of their weight loss/diet management plan. It doesn’t seem to affect my appetite which is good. I take the capsules irregularly so I won’t assume anything besides the purpose of letting me sleep. I don’t note any changes in my weight whatsoever. As far as diet supplementation goes, I will never venture into taking prescriptive medicines again to resolve my sleeping woes, although I’ve tried them once, I feel safer with natural supplements such as this product. This is an ideal option for people who are afraid to try risky sleeping pills and psychiatric forms of sedatives. Melatonin is an organic antioxidant. The price (9 dollars for 60 capsules) is steep in my region and I had it shipped from ebay. I find the melatonin supplement helps, without drastically altering my sleep, though results can be spotty. My recommendation goes to fellow night owls who wish to revert to their normal sleep cycles.

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