Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Body Wash

    • by adrean_j

      Sometimes I get into moods where I want to use a really strong scented body wash. I know that Bath and Body Works are famous for there scents and went to purchase some body wash for myself. I ended up purchasing the Brown Sugar and Fig Body Wash at my local Bath and Body Works store. I got a 10 ounce bottle for about 6 dollars. I liked the bottle that it came in because it is easy to grasp in the shower like so many of the Bath and Body Works products. It was in a clear bottle that is the perfect

      size to hold in the shower. It never slips or falls. The bottle is also decent in size, so that it fits almost anywhere in the shower or in a shower rack. The scent of this body wash is great, but it is definitely sweet smelling. I like it because it was strong, but also kind of relaxing. It is the perfect thing for me in the morning, when I need a pick me up shower. The scent floats throughout the bathroom, as I shower with it and it is nothing but delightful.

      The body wash itself was very thick as it came

      out of the bottle. I liked that it was not watery or runny. It was perfect because it was very easy to lather in my body sponge. With only a few drops I got a thick lather that was good enough to last through my entire shower. I was happy I did not have to keep reapplying soap to the sponge, because it is a waste. As I washed my body with this wash, I liked how soft the bubbles felt against my skin. It felt very luxurious and I enjoyed every bit of it. When my shower was done, I had some ...

      • Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Body Wash
      problems trying to rinse all of the soap out of my sponge, because it got so soapy. I had to rinse it multiple times, before it was finally clear. When I got out of the shower, I felt like my skin felt smooth and clean. If feel refreshed after taking a shower with this body wash. The only thing that was disappointing was that about 15 minutes after the shower, I started to notice that my skin was starting to dry out. It was turning white, and that let me know that this body wash does not have great moisturizing qualities.

      I ended

      up having to apply some lotion, but did not have to use too much. I feel that this body wash is comparable to other body washes on the market, but with a way better scent. It gets me clean, but doesn’t really moisturize my skin, which would have made it perfect. The bottle last me for about a month because you don’t need too much to enjoy a shower and get clean. I would suggest this body wash to anyone who loves sweet smelling body washes. I don’t think it is the best for people that suffer from dry skin, because it will only dry it out further.

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