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  • I have tasted almost all products of corned beef and this is the best

    • by ibizaspain

      I received a can of Hamper Corned Beef two weeks ago from a package I got from Australia. Hamper is a subsidy of Heinz Foods. Corned beef has been a breakfast favorite here in my country. It is one of my favorite viands and I always savor this food. I also used corned beef in some other variety like sandwiches and other viands. But my favorite is to eat it solely and sauteed with onions.

      There is that fine satisfaction that I get whenever I eat this food.

      Hamper corned beef is impressive because of the immense taste that it provides. A corned beef is tasty not because of the spices it has, not because of the how it was packed but foremost because of the quality of the beef. I have never tasted a corned beef this smooth, yummy and it has a soothing after taste–seems like it ...

      • gives you satisfaction on one hand but you feel insatiable and want to eat more because it is very tasty. I have tasted almost all products of corned beef and this is the best.

        I also find this product impressive because it retains the same taste despite if you refrigerate it or if it is cold. Normally with Argentina Corned Beef, despite having an average taste, I can only tolerate it when it is freshly

        sauteed but if it is cold it is not good. Hamper remains juicy and satisfactory in terms of taste. The strand of the beef is also one thing I am amazed about. It has this quality beef. This is because it is made of “premium beef”. I also think that this is the main reason why the taste is simply addictive. With one can of Hamper, I can have it as my viand for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Adelaida Porzionato says :

    I have been a regular user of hamper corned beef..i always make sure that i got it on my pantry…i really do loved it so does my grandchildren now..the only thing that stop me from buying it is how you opened it..when i was young ..it was soo easy but now i am ageing..sometimes it is hard for me to open especially when the key was separated from the can.i feel disappointed and made me think not to buy it anymore..but i really liked..loved your product…up to this time i am writing this..i am cooking it for my grandchildren’s lunch and also for their mom and auntie and myself..
    I’m just wondering if there is by any chance on how to make it a lot easier for us ageing customer of yours to open the tin can…kind regards..thank you..

    robert field says :

    yes i have the same problem i am 90 years old.

    i think answer is a bigger key, a longer shaft and a wider handel.

    reguards robert field

    jetslagged says :

    re : I have tasted almost all products of corned beef and this is the best
    I love this particular brand of beef myself, definitely agreed

    Kai Ivanoff says :

    This product may taste good, but the last three cans we have bought have failed the key opening test. This is a pain and quite dangerous when one has to alter the opening with a can opener. It’s not a standard shape, which adds to the frustration.

    Ron Pennell says :

    I hada bad experience today trying to open a tin of corned beef with that silly little key which broke and I cut my finger trying to open the tin with a conventional tin opener, surely there must be a better way. I was only able to extract a third of the tin to actually eat so a big disapointment for me. I have taken a photo of the results which I am happy to forward to you.
    Ron Pennell

    Emma Fisher says :

    Where do we make complaints to about Hamper Corned Beef faults. Every tin I purchase the key breaks and I cannot open the tin. Its just impossible they need to change to a easier way to open the tin for consumers. The product is fantastic but trying to open the tin is really fraustrating appreciate any help.I cannot find the manufacture of this product online.

    Lyn says :

    re : I have tasted almost all products of corned beef and this is the best
    This product might seem to be rather nostaglic with its key lock entry
    what happens there is no key??? my mother is 86.. she bought 2 Cans,, No k,
    she also has shaking hand.. what a nightmare.. then she tried to , and did use can openers to open up the HAMPER..Get Responsible whoever MAKES THIS PRODUCT…even Baked Beans and Spam have Ring Pull Cans…

    Willy Wagtail says :

    This can was first made in the 1920s I think, before modern can openers. Older folk will remember the old can openers, which are more like a knife.

    Hamper does sell this product in a larger 454g cylindrical can called the “BIG FAMILY PACK” that opens normally with modern can openers and very easily for old hands if you have something like the Swingaway can opener (preferably the older American one as the newer Chinese one has inferior metal).

    There’s also a much smaller 200g ring pull can. Both of these are sold at Woolworths if in Australia. You can always ask your importer to get them as these items are extremely easy to get in major supermarkets.

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