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  • However,before the exams were graded Barney switched exams with Fred because he felt Fred didn't do too good
  • The movie also had some funny gags from the original cartoon such as Fred chasing his pet Dino throughout the house,Betty's funny trademark giggle and Bam Bam smashing things with his club

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      The Flinstones is a 1994 movie adaption of the flinstones cartoon from the 1960s.The film plot starts when Barney is adopting a child,Bam Bam. He and his wife Betty were only able to afford the child because Fred Flinstone,their friend loaned them money.Barney really wants to pay back Fred for what he did.One day while Barney and Fred are at work at the quarry, a man Cliff Vanercave who is an executive there,gives a test to the lower employees to see who is capable to fill an executive position at the quarry.Whoever gets the highest score wins the executive position.Barney does very well but Fred dosen’t.In fact,he gets the lowest score out of everyone at the quarry.However,before the exams were graded Barney switched exams with Fred because he felt Fred didn’t do too good.He did this as a way of paying Fred back for helping him adopt Bam Bam..Because of this,Fred wins the executive position.However,this backfires because Barney gets fired.He gets fired because he got Fred’s low graded exam.Fred does help Barney financially though, even allowing him and his wife Betty to stay in his

      home when they have money issues.

      At Fred’s new position,Cliff is his boss.Unknown to Fred, Cliff and his secretary Sharon Stone are in an embezzling plan at work and want Fred to get blamed.First,Cliff would steal company money and give it to Fred and tells him it’s a bonus.Cliff hopes Fred would spend the money and also get convicted of stealing it.He also persuades Fred to sign contracts to have new quarry equipment put in.Not only would it put many out of work at the quarry,the equipment is actually very cheap and will break down easily.When the equipment fails,Cliff plans to steal all the money made from it and have Fred blamed because he signed the contracts.Fred sings the contracts as Cliff plans because he trusts Cliff.THE embezzling scheme is just one of Fred’s problems.His new rich lifestyle as an executive spoils him and becomes a jerk to all his friends.This eventually results in Barney and his family leaving his home out of hate for Fred.His wife Wilma even moves out. Eventually,word gets out that Fred layed off many employees and is embezzling because ...

      • of his contract and lavish spendingThis results in Fred fleeing for his life by angry mobs of unemployed quarry workers.They plan to hang him and get close to doing it.

        They also prepare to hang Barney when they witness Barney confess to Fred that he switched exams with him.While being hanged,Barney and Fred renew their relationship.Before they are hanged,Wilma tells the crowd that it was Cliff who tricked Fred and was embezzling money.She found this out by an anthropomorphic bird employee at Fred’s job who heard Cliff talk about his evil schemes.Cliff learns about this so he kidnaps Pebbles and Bam Bam in order to get the bird back and keep his evil plans a secret.He arranges a deal with Fred and Barney.They give him the bird and he gives the kids back.Barney and Fred confront him.They are able to rescue their kids and have Cliff imprisoned in concrete by a freak accident at the quarry.They were also helped by Sharon Stone who realized Cliff was corrupt and would likely betray her in his embezzling scheme.Fred is hailed a hero.

        The Flinstones was wonderful family film.

        The film has all the magic and awe of the original Flinstone cartoon.The movie sets were colorful and had brought the prehistoric setting of the Flinstones to life.Everything generally looked like it was made out of stone.The movie also had some funny gags from the original cartoon such as Fred chasing his pet Dino throughout the house,Betty’s funny trademark giggle and Bam Bam smashing things with his club.The actors are really great too.John Goodman was a great Fred Flinstone.He had the same gruff voice as the original Fred and had a very similar body composition to the cartoon Fred.Even though Rick Moranis was a little thin for the role of Barney,he captured the personality and energy of the cartoon Barney.Bam Bam also had a really good actor.Rosie O Donell was a bit husky for the role but her voice sounded very similar to the cartoon Betty.The plot seemed pretty polished.However it was a bit complex because of the embezzling elements which could confuse kids who are fans of the cartoon.However,the fun gags,character portrayals and jokes of the movie will have kids overlook the complex embezzeling element of film

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