Walgreens Alkaline Supercell AA Batteries (24 Pack)
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  • I like how on the package is the Walgreens guarantee

    • by CirclingCanvas


      This twenty-four pack of Walgreens Alkaline Supercell AA Batteries sells for twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents. This is a Walgreens product, so it can only be found in Walgreens stores. For those that go through many AA batteries, this Walgreens pack is an excellent value. Purchasing the Walgreens pack over the Duracell or Energizer brands will save a person anywhere between three and five dollars. Purchasing this Walgreens pack over the smaller Walgreens packs adds up to a better value because one would spend more money just to get the same number of batteries if he or she would buy multiple smaller packs. Thus while spending thirteen dollars on batteries might seem like a lot of money, for that amount of money, a person is getting twenty-four AA batteries that will last almost as long as the Duracell and Energizer brands of batteries.

      Although I’ve never actually measured just how long the Walgreens batteries last

      as compared to the Duracell batteries or the Energizer batteries, I haven’t ever said to myself, “Gee, these batteries went quickly” or “Time to change the batteries again?” while using these batteries in remote controls, a video game handheld, a clock, a CD Player and so on. I put them in a device and that device works just fine for several months. Even if I could get longer life and more use out of the Duracell or Energizer batteries, I still wouldn’t buy them unless either was on sale for a decent price or I had a coupon that allowed for impressive savings because this Walgreens pack of batteries is several dollars cheaper of the national battery brands and so I end up saving money every time I purchase a package of these batteries, even if I have to purchase a package of these batteries a little more often than the Energizer or Duracell brands.

      • These are one point five volt alkaline batteries and a warning that comes on the package states that alkaline batteries should never be used with heavy duty batteries. It’s important to pay attention to the warning and always pair a new alkaline battery with another new alkaline battery. I like how on the package is the Walgreens guarantee. I can get my money back or exchange these batteries if I ever purchase a pack that appears defective in some way, such as batteries that don’t seem to last or don’t seem to be putting out the juice that they should be. The Walgreens guarantee gives me confidence that the batteries I’m buying will be high quality and perform in a satisfactory manner. I’ve never had to return a package of these batteries to a Walgreens because they’ve always worked pretty much as well as the name brand batteries and I hope that is something that

        I continue to find to be the case.

        The Walgreens Alkaline Supercell AA Batteries are quality batteries. They work for many months and retail for several dollars less than Energizer and Duracell batteries. The large pack provides a customer with a great value and if one does the math, he or she will find that buying this big pack ends up being a better value than purchasing multiple smaller battery packs. The Walgreens batteries come with the Walgreens guarantee and so if for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the batteries or feel that they are defective in some way, Walgreens will give you your money back or offer to replace the batteries. Whether a person uses many AA batteries or just a few, this is a very good buy and I’m completely satisfied with the quality of these supercell batteries. I’m rating these Walgreens batteries a “10″ for being high quality and an excellent value.

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