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  • Unfortunately,when he comes back home,his dad announces he and max are going on a long road trip to go fishing
  • I enjoyed both songs and thought they were really cool

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      A Goofy Movie is a disney film released in1995.It is a movie about Goofy’s teenage son Max.The movie starts with Max , his friend PJ,and a guy named Bobby, planning to do a school stunt.Max plans to dress up as a popular rock star,powerline and do a music video in the school auditorium.he desires to do this to impress a girl he likes,Roxanne.While the principal,principal Mazer was making a speech one day in the auditorium,he somehow falls through a trapdoor and Max comes up on the stage dressed as the rock star power line.he does a song and dance.During a particular stunt ,he makes the illusion of flying by hanging from a rope.However,the trick backfires and he gets caught by the principal who reveals identity to the student body.After the stunt he is sent to detention.During detention he runs into Roxanne.

      She tells him she really liked the stunt her did.Max then asks her to go on a date with him later that week.She agrees.The principal even calls his dad and tells him that Max is a real troublemaker and is destined for life as a convict.The principal is actually just exaggerating the situation.Goofy becomes concerned and worried about his son.he thinks what Max did at school was due to him not spending enough time with him.He decides to take Max on a fishing trip to rekindle a father and son bond.Meanwhile at school,Max has become really popular and all the kids love him for the stunt he did.Max is also looking forward to the date he’s going to have with Roxanne.

      Unfortunately,when he comes back home,his dad announces he and max are going on a long road trip to go fishing.Max is really upset about this because it

      means he won’t get to go on a date with Roxanne.Despite trying to get away from his dad,eh is forced into going on the road trip.Before driving to far,he asks his dad to stop off to tell Roxanne that he is leaving.However,he lies to Roxanne about him going to see across country to perform with powerline on stage because powerline and his dad used to be in a band.Goofy and Max don’t seem to get along while they are on their road trip.For one thing,Goofy and Max don’t like the same type of music while on the road trip.Max is in to heavy metal while Goofy isn’t.Also goofy takes Max to a possum type theme park in which Max despises heavily.

      Things don’t really get better.Despite stopping for camp and practicing a fish casting technique,Max changes their map route.He alters it to Los Angeles where the concert is taking place.Goofy eventually decides to try to have a deeper relationship with Max while on the trip.He makes him the navigator of the road trip and they do activities that they both enjoy such as going to an amusement park.They eventually stop at a hotel where they meet up with Goofy’s neighbor Pete and his son Pj.When Pete overhears PJ talking to Pete about changing the route of the map,he tells Goofy.He dosen’t believe it at first but checks the map and finds out Max changed the route.Max and Goofy later get back in the car and continue their trip.Goofy hopes his son will change his mind and navigate the route to their fishing destination. Max decides to take the route to where the concert is taking place. Soon after Max does this,Goofy storms out of the car ...

      • in anger.

        However,the car accidentally manages to end up in a river because Goofy forgot to set the break.Max and Goofy pursue it and end up on the river on the car.While drifting on the river,they happen to renew their relationship.Max tells Goofy about his crush on Roxanne which motivated him to change the map route.He also explained the lie he told Roxanne.After hearing this.,Goofy decides to take his son to the powerline concert .They do manage to get on stage with Powerline and Roxanne watches them on TV over a friend’s house.Even after his success on stage Max decides to confess to Roxanne that he lied to her.Goofy takes him over her house.Despite admitting he lied to her,Roxanne forgives Max and says she has a crush on him.Max then introduces his father Goofy to Roxanne.

        This was a wonderful family film.It was a gentle road trip film about the developing bond between a father and son.it has a fair amount of drama and comedy elements which is good for a Disney film..The film has good dramatic elements.A deep relationship between Max and his father develops over the course of the movie.At first Max isn’t really close to his father.he dosen’t really want to go on a fishing trip with him.However, during the fishing trip,he and Goofy become much closer.They go fishing for awhile at a stop and talk about how much they mean to each other while having some soup.Near the end of the film,Max discusses his attraction to a girl at school and Goofy begins to relate to his son and his life.The film has great comedy elements.

        One funny moment in the film was when a friend of Max at school Bobby eating cheese out of

        a can.It was so funny because people don’t normally just eat cheese out of a can.There were quite a few other funny moments in the film.One was where Mac and Goofy met Bigfoot.They mange to escape him and hide in the car.Bigfoot then picks up a cassette player and headphones goofy dropped and starts listening to Staying Alive by the Beegees.while dancing.Another funny moment was when Max first visited Roxanne and met her dad.He was a large threatening man, who constantly growled at Max until Roxanne met Max outside.It was so funny how he didn’t have to speak to show what he thought about Max.he just growled.He is also a stereotype of overprotective fathers of female kids.I also liked some of the music numbers in it.The film had a lot of musical elements.There were sing a long type songs such as On the Open Road where Max and Goofy were singing about their road trip.The rock star powerline was played by the singer Tevin Campell who sang two really great songs in the film.They were Eye to Eye and Stand Out. I enjoyed both songs and thought they were really cool.

        Even though I liked the film,there were elements I didn’t like.For example,Max didn’t seem much more than a cliche of a teenager, who was obsessed with Rock Stars like powerline and didn’t like spending time with his parents.Also the female character,Roxanne seems little more than a generic love interest for Max.She even dosen’t really appear that much either.Also the animation quality really isn’t that high.It looks mostly like a television cartoon than a Disney full feature film.It is satisfactory however.The animation may be a little lower than a lot of other non Disney films made around that time period.

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