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  • This 140gram deodorant was on sale half price for only $2 CDN plus tax

    • by Melissa Glenn

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      I needed a new deodorant, and as I am a big fan of environmentally friendly products a Clerk in my local discount store suggested I try Barelements natural crystal deodorant. This 140gram deodorant was on sale half price for only $2 CDN plus tax. I decided to give it a try.

      To begin with Barelements deodorant states that it is made with 100% natural mineral salts and that this product contains no

      aluminum chlorohydrate. It didn’t look that great from the packaging. It has a clear base about an inch high. Then the cylinder body is clear and I could see this three inch mound of what looked like road salt! The cap goes all the way down the base and is clear too, I had to twist it to get it off.

      Now here are when the problems began, I tried to wipe ...

      • this natural deodorant under my arms and nothing happenned. Nothing came off! I rubbed my hand over this mineral salt deodorant, and my hand stayed clean. It was just a big lump of hardened salt. I went back and read the directions and saw I had missed the part about placing this product under warm water before applying. I held it under warm water and then tried to apply, nothing!

        I spent

        the next thirty minutes holding this Barelements natural crystal deodorant under warm, then warmer then hot water. This salt would not budge, it was just hard as a rock. I couldn’t use this deodorant at all. Nothing would come off. I was so annoyed, not only had I got a natural deodorant that worked, I had wasted my money and my time.

        Don’t buy Barelements natural crystal deodorant, it just doesn’t work.

    Dan says :

    If you read the bottle of Barelements you would have noticed that it claims to last up to a year if you expected to see it rub off on your hand it wouldn`t last that long. I purchased mine last Christmas and am still using the same one (EVERY DAY) never mind that you can`t see it go on as long as it works which it does. I am more than satisfied with mine and will start a new one in a couple of months.
    Cam Meikle says :

    I use the Barelements all the time, I swear by it You wet it, then rub it to apply, and it applies a thin, almost non-existent layer that is all thats required to work You don`t see, or even feel it on your hand if you try to rub it there. It is odorless and colorless, and it does what it says. I think it kills off any bacteria that might create odor, it`s a salt, some say the ozmosis of the salt prevents perspiration flow or maybe reduces it. All I know is, if I don`t use something like this, I`m in for a miserable rash that this stuff prevents. _I use it in areas other than just under the arms. The stick does last a year, and it does work. I purchased mine from a dollar store for 2 bucks. It must work, the stores all sold out of this stuff, and it sells out whenever you see it there. Regular deoderant is only half as good, and you go through it quickly. I`m getting toward the end of mine, and the only place I see anything similar is the crystals at health food stores for a lot more
    bo huk says :

    I love this deodorant but neither Dollarama store in Thunder Bay caries it anymore. Please stock it again.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I’ve been using the barelements crystal deodorant for nearly a year now. I used to get pretty severe rashes and eczema in my pits, but that all stopped since using this product. No, you won’t see it spread on like a normal deodorant. I usually rub the stone on my pits for a good 15 seconds each. It’s ridiculously effective. Can be going about for a couple days without showering, and nothing. Zero BO. Try it out.
    quick note by anonymous :

    This crystal is NOT supposed to leave traces of any kind. You wet it and rub your underarm back and forth for 4 or 5 second, let it air dry and I swear, it works.
    Carlos Munar says :

    I am a man who tried all the stuff offered by the main brands with bad results. Either they are sticky or stain the shirts.

    I’ve been using this deodorant for more than a year, since Dollarama brought them to Canada. I am more than satisfied with the product. It has no scent that compete with my lotions and is effective.

    Within a years I used just 3-1 2 units. I still have 10 spare units and I’ll miss it a lot of if I cannot get it again.
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