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  • I think it’s the contact’s greatest advantage because my eyes can go on wearing them the whole time
  • I know it’s very explicable due to the contact’s breathable quality
  • However, there’s one disadvantage to wearing breathable lenses, particularly this product
  • I wonder how much each of these boxes cost
  • It’s definitely the best type of contact lens out there

    • by jhunie


      One of the important things in my list of acquisitions was to replace my old contacts. I was reprimanded by my ophthalmologist for having worn contacts way past their expiration and if I had been more stubbornly persistent – it could lead to my vision deteriorating. I didn’t shrug away from my doctor’s not so friendly advice because all of which were truthful. Stale contact lenses hardly last for 8 hours, this happens once they exceed past their prime. Some contacts remain viable within a certain period, after that, they cease to work and may cause irritation to the eyes. Mine lasted only an average of 4 hours. It gets obvious when my eye lids start to quiver, to a point that I can no longer keep my vision steady. I sensed there’s something my doctor was trying to put forth, until the conversation shifted to these O2 Optix contact lenses. Just in time, they were having a promotion on these premium contacts; a 1 year supply of contacts bundled for the

      price of one, including a special solution prescribed exclusively for the contacts. The most effective selling point of the product, as touted by the doctor, was its breathable quality. Thankfully, it turned out to be a treat for my eyes.

      The clear tinted lenses stay fresh past the regular 8 hours. It’s been a while since my eyes has benefitted almost a day’s worth of visual clarity. The contacts feel very comfortable indeed. The corrective lenses don’t seem to add pressure on the eyes, so you barely feel them. I pretty much couldn’t tell a sharp difference compared to wearing ordinary contacts, except that the breathable lenses seldom dry my eyes at all. I think it’s the contact’s greatest advantage because my eyes can go on wearing them the whole time. My eyes don’t become weary and I can wear the contacts straight without needing my glasses at night.

      I also want to add that the breathable lenses don’t seem to be affected by external factors like humidity. I know it’s very explicable due to the contact’s breathable quality. Most of the time, I stay at places with airconditioning, from work to home, and my regular contacts can’t stand up to the drying air. This triggers my eyes to tingle. The contacts don’t freeze up my vision and my eyes still feel light. My vision is normalized, of course. I see a minor improvement on my vision though, in the sense that my eyes can tolerate strong flickering lights and I feel less sensitivity. Besides vision, my occasional headaches didn’t bother to come back, usually as the result of eye strains.

      Wearing breathable contact lenses feel quite liberating as well. For one, I can sleep with the breathable contacts on. I’ve never considered doing this because I subsisted through years of wearing contacts with the biggest precaution of not forgetting to take them off before sleeping. It didn’t sound believable when the ophthalmologist told me that it’s possible. One time, I actually fell asleep with my contacts on after slaving away my time to ...

      • O2 Optix Clear Breathable Contact Lenses
      work on unfinished assignments. It was early dawn and I just snoozed out of exhaustion. These contacts can really bear with me. However, there’s one disadvantage to wearing breathable lenses, particularly this product. Because they are special lenses, they also require high-maintenance, in terms of cleansing. You’ll have to wait 6 hours (while soaked in its own no-rub solution) before you can use them again. It’s rather inconvenient especially for people like me who depend on contact lenses at a daily basis. It’s possible that you can wear them every day, provided you’re diligent at doing your part of cleansing and letting them sit inside the cleansing vial for 6 hours.

      To give a lowdown on the important details, every pair is said to last a period of 2 months. What baffles me is that one box only provides 3 spherical lenses (not pairs, rather individual lenses). Thus, a box can sustain me for 2 months, granted I use 2 of the 3 lenses – so what am I going to

      do with the remaining spare? It’s not even; you either have to dispose one of every pair (and replace it with the spare) or practically buy another box to get a new pair. I did the math. Since I got 4 boxes of these breathable contacts (a sum of 6 pairs), 2 boxes should last me half of the year and I actually get to use the spare contacts per box subsequently. I wonder how much each of these boxes cost. But the apparent fact is that a consistent user will need 4 boxes a year, right? So I must have saved a lot buying them in bulk.

      The discounted price of the 1 year bundle was roughly 45 dollars plus a free disinfecting solution and I even begged to ask for a free case. I felt great about my recent eye care splurge. It’s definitely the best type of contact lens out there. I will bet my bottom dollar on this product. It’s suitable for those who want to inject more life into their contact lenses.

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