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  • Unfortunately,he waited too long to buy the doll
  • I found it funny when Howard was in a contest to get a turbo man doll
  • She noticed this and threw eggnog in his face as a reaction

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      Jingle all the way is a Christmas film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.He plays a guy named Howard Langston Jingle All the WAY is about a father,Howard Langston not spending enough time with his son Jamie and his wife named Liz..However,near Christmas day,Howard desires to decides to mend his relationship with Jamie by buying him an action figure he desires a lot called Turbo Man.Unfortunately,he waited too long to buy the doll.Because of this,it is really hard to find them.He goes to toy store after toy store searching for the turbo man action figure.

      On the way,he meets an African American postal worker who has the same desire to get a turbo man doll for his son. Howard and the postal worker then start bitterly competing against each other in order to obtain the Turbo Man doll in stores.Neither man are able to obtain a Turbo Doll since toy stores have been no stock of them.They come close to obtaining one with a radio contest promising a turbo man doll.However,the radio promotion was false advertising and was only offering a certificate to buy a turbo man,not the actual doll.Howard eventually gets so desperate

      to buy a Turbo Man doll that he makes a decision to rob his neighbor,Ted who bought a Turbo man for his son.This proves ineffective because he is caught by his wife and Ted.This dissapoints his wife who begins to think negatively of him. Howard plans to mend his relationship with his wife and son by joining them in watching a Christmas parade.However,Howard runs into problems.He runs into a police offer whom he spills coffee on by accident.The cop chases after him.

      After trying to get away from him,Howard runs into the Christmas parade he was going to.However,he is mistaken for a turboman stunt guy and is put in a turbo man suit.As the life action turbo man,he is able to give a free turbo man to a child in the parade.When he goes out into the public,he prepares to give his son the doll.However,the African American postal worker dresses up as Turbo Man’s enemy and attempts to take the turbo man doll from Howard.He somehow replaced the real actor.Howard gives the turbo man doll to his son..The postal worker kidnaps Jamie so Howard has to catch him.After chasing down the postal worker ...

      • and getting his son back,he reveals to Jamie that he is really his dad and not just a turbo man actor.Jamie has a renewed relationship with his dad after this.Howard also has a renewed relationship with Liz.

        Jingle All the Way was a nice and gentle family film.It had a message about spending time with your family and the true meaning of Christmas.At the end of the film,Jamie was less concerned about getting the turbo man doll He just wanted to spend time with his father.The movie also had great comedy elements.I found it funny when Howard was in a contest to get a turbo man doll.He had to get a colored ball with a particular number to get the doll.he is able t get it but it gets dropped and a toddler ends up getting it.When chasing the toddle,he attempts to take the ball from him but is mistaken by a child predator by a group of women and beating with purses,I found that scene hilarious.I also found it really funny when Howard went to buy a turbo man at a warehouse with santa’s.

        The santa’s there turn out to be conman

        and give him a Spanish turbo man who was broken.Threatening to report them to the authorities,they fight him.There is an action packed battle between Howard and the several Santas in the warehouse.I found it hilarious.There was also a funny midget Santa fighting Howard..There also funny scenes where Howard was fighting with the postal worker played by Sinbad.They went through a lot of trouble competing with each other just to get a toy.Sinbad even went so far to kidnap Howard’s son to get a turbo man doll.There was also a real funny scene in which Ted,Howard’s neighbor was having sexual advances towards Howard’s wife.She noticed this and threw eggnog in his face as a reaction.

        Despite having a lot of fun comedy elements the plot of the film was a bit stale. It came down to just Arnold Schwarzenegger just getting into a bunch of funny situations looking for a doll for his son.There was not a lot of interaction between him,his son or his wife.The movie was just about him looking for a turbo man.It would be better if the film had a few more serious moments in.it was just mostly a series of comedy gags.

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