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  • I think it would be nice if there was some sort of interchangeable nozzle so that the household could use it
  • So I don't regret buying and using the neti bottle, but despite the new design, it's hard to use, and uncomfortable

    • by Anasuya

      I really hated the idea of a neti bottle, but it’s what absolutely everyone was recommending to me this last allergy season. Now the weather is cold, and the allergies are dissipating, but when late summer and fall hit, I am a miserable human being because my allergies and sinuses can have me practically incapable of functioning on any real level, and it seems to get worse year after year. This year, I had a sinking sensation that my sinuses were becoming impacted, because I could feel the pressure in my cheeks, and it was even starting to effect my teeth. I was experiencing jaw pain and teeth sensitivity, but no single tooth was sore at all, so I knew it wasn’t actually a tooth ache, and this discomfort went away when I took allergy medicine, but it didn’t

      stay gone for very long.

      My friend told me I really needed to get a neti bottle, and I broke down and finally bought the WaterPik SinuSense Neti Bottle, which is a natural way to clean out the sinus cavities. I was pretty freaked out about the idea of having this amount of liquid going through my sinus cavities, but I knew I needed to do something else end up in the doctor’s office having my sinuses drained.

      This neti bottle was smaller than some of the others that I’ve seen that looked ungainly and hard to manage. This one fit quite nicely in my hand and I didn’t fear it slipping or me losing my grip on it while I used it. The first thing I didn’t like about it though was that despite having to wash it ...

      • with soap and water after every use, it’s still only designed to be used by one person. I think it would be nice if there was some sort of interchangeable nozzle so that the household could use it. Not that it was very expensive, but getting use out of it by more than one person would still be nice.

        It comes with some of the saline packs that you empty into the water and mix up and that’s what you use as the rinse. It’s complicated to use, but I’d been warned by a few friends that it takes some a couple tries to get it just right. The instructions suggest using it in the shower, which suggests it’s not going to be mess-free. You lean forward, place the nozzle in the nasal cavity and then press the little

        flow release button on the neti bottle and this is supposed to produce a comfortable and even flow. I can honestly say, however, that there’s really nothing comfortable about it, but I don’t even like using a nasal mist or spray, and this was about fifty times more concentrated than that. I can say that it works, though, which I suppose is the most important thing. I went through a few moments of bizarre discomfort as the neti solution went through my nasal cavities and sinuses and cleaned out the blockages, and then I could breathe and my teeth weren’t hurting, and the difference was really night and day and was noticeable immediately. So I don’t regret buying and using the neti bottle, but despite the new design, it’s hard to use, and uncomfortable. Still better than a doctor’s office I guess!

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