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  • He reads them a story about strange bears called The Care Bears who are kind and gentle and live in a happy place called Care A Lot
  • However,the evil book convinces him to use her evil powers to stop them from laughing

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      The Care Bears Movie is a children’s film starring the care bears .It begins when a man named Mr. Cherrywood, a man who runs an orphanage reads a story to some orphans. He reads them a story about strange bears called The Care Bears who are kind and gentle and live in a happy place called Care A Lot.He then explains that the Care Bears love helping people and cheering them up.One day two care bears ,Friend and Secret,look to cheer up some children.They eventually meet up with two kids named Jason and Jim. They are lonely children who have no friends or parents.The Care Bears befriend the two kids.Later we cut to a scene showing a magician’s apprentice, Nicholas, finding an old book ina trunk while looking for magic supplies for his teacher.The book opens and a mysterious woman’s face convinces her to use her power to become a real magician.A Care Bear name Tenderheart tries to convince him that the book is evil.However,he does not

      listen.He then has a magic act in which everybody laughs at him.However,the evil book convinces him to use her evil powers to stop them from laughing.Reading a magic spell in the book makes the kids in the audience hate each other.It also makes everybody else in the world hate each other.It dosen’t effect Kim and Jason because they are in the presence of the care bears.The care bears were blocking the evil power of the book with their good vibes.

      Meanwhile in care alot which takes place high in the clouds,the care bears are trying to create some type of device.They somehow manage to beam Kim and Jason up to Care A Lot.The Bears befriend the two kids and shows them around care a lot.Suddenly Tenderheart comes back to care alot and informs them that Nicholas is being seduced by an evil book.The Care Bears attempt to teleport some care bears to other to attempt to defeat the evil book.However,the teleportation device malfunctions and they end up in some strange world..The strange world is called the forest of feelings,They meet strange creatures who resemble the care bears in that world.Some of them are Brave Heart Lion and Swift Heart Rabbit. Meanwhile,the other care bears take a sh to search for the kids and other care bears.Meanwhile,the evil spirit from the book corrupts Nicholas into doing evil deeds.She desires do eliminate care bears.She starts by attempting to eliminate them in the forest of feelings.She posses a number of things in order to get rid of them such as a tree.However,all these attempts fail due to the efforts of some of the citizens of forest of feelings.After this,all of the care bears,Kim and Jason go back to earth to save Nicholas from being possessed.Nicholas has managed to create some powerful spell to battle the care bears The care bears attempt to use their magic beams to stop the evil book and Nicholas but it is no use.It does not work.However,Kim and Jason manage to convince Nicholas ...

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      that that they want to be his friends and the book is evil .The power of caring and love eventually convinces Nicholas to stop using the book.he closes it,getting rid of all the evil it has unleashed in the world.After this event, Nicholas becomes good again and teams up with his magic teacher and Kim and Jason manage to find parents.

      I found this was a nice and gentle movie.It was a great movie for kids.It was the story wasa bout love being one of the most important things in life and love is more powerful than hate.This is evident in the main part of the movie.The evil book wishes to manifest hate in all the world.The evil schemes of the book were stopped by the goodness and love of others.The plot was very was about an evil book with plans to take over the world which was very intense for a movie such as the Care Bears.However,most of the film contains not a lot

      violence.The Care Bears mostly relly on the power to love to fight evil which makes the film approppriate for young kids.Music was a lot of fun.A favorate song of mine was Care A Lot movie was the song care a lot which was sung by Carol King.This was heartwarming and was about the power of love and caring..However,the film dosen’t have much value for older viewers.

      It is very ,very sugar coated despite having an evil book as a villain.For the most part,you will be watching a lot of musical numbers about love and caring and learning lessons about the need for love in your life. Nobody gets really attacked that much.The most violent scene is when the citizens of the forest of feeling are fighting the different forms of the evil book.These forms consist of things such as an intimidating tree with evil eyes and a giant Hawk.This is actually the only real scene when anybody is attacked.Despite older viewers not being engaged in Care Bears,it is a perfect film for small children.

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