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  • Speaking of elves,I love how they were designed in the film
  • I think this meant to show that the elves had childlike innocence and believed in the magic of Santa like children did

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      The Santa Claus is a 1994 Christmas film starring Tim Allen.Tim Allen stars as a man named Scott Calvin. He is divorced from hsi wife and regularly visits his son Charlie.Charlie has a stepdad named Neil.During one visit with his son he reads to him a bedtime story.After reading the bedtime story,He and his son hear something on the roof.It actually is Santa Claus.When Scott sees him Santa becomes alarmed and falls off the roof.Scott checks for his id and finds out that he has a Santa id.He checks the back and says “if Santa falls of the roof,put on the santa suit and you’ll know what to do.Scott’s son charlie manages to get on top of the roof with a mysterious ladder.He sees s a sleigh and reindeer and asks Scott to ride in it with him. Scott is alarmed about this.He gets on the mysterious Sleigh to take charlie back home but the sleigh drives off with Scott and Charlie in eventually takes them to a stranger’s house.Charlie begs his dad to put on the Santa suit and do down the chimney of a house to deliver presents.Scott denies the request at first but eventually decides to put on the Santa suit to make himself happy.He takes a bag full of gifts that magically appear out of the sleigh and he somehow gets carried into the chimney.After this is done he and charlie drive off in

      the sleigh and deliver some more presents.Eventually,the sleigh takes him to the real north pole.Here they are greeted by a gruff Sarcastic Elf named Bernard.Bernard tells Scott that by putting on the santa suit that santa owned,he became the new Santa. Scott thinks all of this is crazy.

      However,he eventually just goes all with it.Bernard gives Charlie a mysteries Snow Globe and tells him to take good care of it.Scott and his son are then taken up to a room to get some rest and some hot cocoa by an elf named Judy.Judy tells Santa that he has a couple of months until he becomes Santa Claus full time.Scott also get some special pajamas with his initials on them.He wakes up the next day in his own home.He thought all of what happened the night before was a dream.For some reason,his son remembers everything they did last night.During a career day at school,he tells his classmates that his dad is Santa.His mom and his step dad,Neil become concerned for Charlie and his visits with Scott.They begin to think Scott has gone crazy.Over the course of a couple months,Scott begins to turn into Santa Claus.He gets noticeably fatter.he also starts growing a large Beard and all of his hair turns snow white.This further worries his ex wife who think he has gone to great lengths to make Charlie believe he is really Santa Claus.This eventually results in losing visitation rights to Charlie.During one ...

      • point,he visits Charlie anyway despite visitation rights..Bernard comes and tells Santa that he should start delivering presents.He decides to go.His son Charlie begs to go and Scott takes him along with him. Charlie’s mom thinks he is getting kidnapped and calls the police.Meanwhile Charlie helps Santa design a new state of the art sled with new technology and they go off to deliver presents.However,during one delivery,Santa gets arrested by police.Charlie couldn’t help him since he was outside while Santa was in a house.However,an elf protection army goes to save Santa and break him out of jail.Sana then goes home with Charlie.Charlie’s mom now realizes Scott is the real santa and destroys the custody papers forbidding Scott to visit Charlie.Santa tells Charlie that he has to continue his duties as Santa and cannot see him all the time.However, Bernard shows up and tells Charlie that the snow globe he gave him will allow him to see his dad any time he wants by shaking it.

        This was a wonderful Christmas film.It is heartwarming and reminds viewers that having a good relationship with family is really important about Christmas.It also is a gentle comedy that inspires viewers to have a little magic in their lives. The plot of the film was really great.It was about the blossoming relationship between a father and his son.During the first part of the movie,Scott and Charlie have a rocky relationship.This relationship gets most closwer when Scott

        becomes Santa Claus and Charlie believes in him when nobody else does.Not even his own mom.The plot also had an interesting concept. It was about somebody else becoming santa when Santa fell off a roof.I enjoyed this aspect of the film.The characters in the film were a joy to see.Scott Calvin was a very likable character.

        It was obvious in the film that he loved his son and was always looking out for him.When he didn’t want to put on the Santa Suit he originally got for santa,he put in on anyway to please his son.Also,despite other people including his wife thinking he had gone insane for becoming Santa Claus,he still did it because Charlie believed it was the right thing to do.Bernard is a lovable character.He is played as a generally gruff and serious elf.Despite that,he had a heart of gold and was willing to help Scott become familiar with his goal as Santa.He also becomes good friends with Charlie and even gives him a special snow globe as a gift. Judy was also a very likable elf who helped Scott become comfortable as Santa and makes him some special hot chocolate.Speaking of elves,I love how they were designed in the film.They were not portrayed as stereotypical troll like elves who were adult dwarfs. They took on the appearance of children or teens which was an excellent idea.I think this meant to show that the elves had childlike innocence and believed in the magic of Santa like children did.

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