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  • I first tried recommended massage oils but never enjoyed them much because they soaked into skin very slowly, left oily marks on clothes and some even made my skin itchy
  • Then I found the Stretch Nil cream which is beige in color, has a nice, not too strong smell and is not oily
  • I prefer using ayurvedic products and find this being a really good one

    • by marsvar
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      It’s an ayurvedic herbal lotion for prevention of pregnancy stretch marks, made in India (I assume, it’s available only in India, not sure). I grew up quite fast as a teenager and got stretch marks on my hips, therefore now, during pregnancy, I am extremely careful not to let any new

      stretch marks develop.

      I first tried recommended massage oils but never enjoyed them much because they soaked into skin very slowly, left oily marks on clothes and some even made my skin itchy.

      Then I found the Stretch Nil cream which is beige in color, has a nice, not too strong ...

      • smell and is not oily.

        Needs to be applied on tummy twice daily, and gets soaked into skin really fast.

        It leaves light marks on the clothes from inside because of its beige color, but it gets washed out easily.

        My tummy has grown quite a lot, and no stretch marks

        have appeared as of now (I truly hope they never will).

        I prefer using ayurvedic products and find this being a really good one.

        And a great advantage of the cream is its price.

        Only 120 Rupees for 100ml which is approximately 7 times cheaper than Vichy anti stretch mark cream.

    raghav says :

    i want to know the price and availability of this in INDIA as i stay in karnataka its very urgent
    Galega says :

    Hi Raghav,

    This product is widely available in India. You can find it on ALL Appllo Pharmacy Store (there are many stores in Kernantaka). You can also buy it online. Its price is Rs. 249 for 100 ml bottle. Here is the Apollo Pharmacy page of this lotion
    mothi says :

    Hi sir,m suffering from stresmarks..i have 3 1child afe is 8 years iam suffrng for 8 years..stressnil cream its work’s to me??
    Galega says :

    You should have mentioned the type and reason of stretch marks.

    Since you have mentioned about your children, I suppose that the stretch mark is pregnancy related. If this is the case, you can use this cream. It will work. Please read my other responses here to understand the proper way of using it.
    samira says :

    i live in oman iam interested to buy stretchnil it in india only?not in oman?
    C says :

    You can buy this product online through its website.
    Galega says :

    Hi Samira,

    It is not available in Oman (as far as I know). Further, the official website of the company will not send this product to Oman. they even don’t sell it online in India. You can buy it through Apollo Pharmacy e-store or on eBay. Here is the page of this product on Apollo Pharmacy .
    neha says :

    i m in delhi is this lotion availabke in delhi nd what’s the price
    Galega says :

    Hi Neha,

    It is available in Delhi. You can find it in any retail pharmaceutical shops. Ask for it on any shops located in the Yusuf Sarai area, you should get it.

    It costs Rs. 249 for 100 ml bottle.

    You can also get it through Apollo Pharmacy online store. I have given the relevant link above for this product.
    umesh says :

    Dear sir
    My wife has same stretch marks on her abdomen after delivery but its almost 2 year gone.
    Can she use this cream to remove stretch marks
    Galega says :

    Hi Umesh,

    Your wife can definitely use this product. Even though the pregnancy stretch marks are 2 years old, this cream will work perfectly. Being a herbal medicine, it also doesn’t come with any side effects.
    sneha says :

    Sir may i know if this product available in bhagalur,Bihar 812001.
    Galega says :

    I have seen this product in stores in Patna, Bihar. It should also be available in Bhagalpur. Ask your retail pharmacy or cosmetic stores near you about it. You can also order it from Amazon India website.
    quick note by anonymous :

    There are lot of strech marks on my arm due to workouts in gym. Suggest a solution to me for all this.
    Galega says :

    You can use Stretch Nil Lotion or No Marks cream. You can also consider using Aloe Vera Gel for this purpose.
    manish mishra says :

    suggest a cream to prevent stretch marks. my wife is 17 weeks pregnant. is it safe to use during pregnancy??
    Jen says :

    It is safe to use BUT why not wait til she gives birth? As her pregnancy marches on so does her stretch marks.
    Galega says :

    Hi Manish,

    This cream (Stretch Nil Lotion) is supposed to be used DURING PREGNANCY. There is no doubt behind that this cream is safe to use during pregnancy.

    Further, you should use this cream from the 4th month of pregnancy (ideal time for your wife - 17th week). Rub gently on the lower abdomen and flanks till the lotion disappear. Apply twice, and after the birth of the baby there will not be any stretch mark over the body of your wife.
    Eva says :

    I am a 31 year old mother of 3 children and I have no stretchmarks on my stomach. The rate at which your wife gains weight has a lot to do with stretchmarks. A slow steady gain eating a proper diet is best. Eating like crazy can cause the stomach to grow at a much faster rate then the skin can adjust too. Check with your doctor for her/his opinion but my doctor told me approximately 300 extra calories a day is what eating for two means. Many women exceed that and have to struggle with weight gain they didn’t need to gain. I also believe my lack of bar soap use played a role in helping my skin. During my pregnancy I would not touch my stomach with bar soap. I figured I spent so much time massaging in oils why would I get in the shower, run bar soap on them and strip out the oils. Pregnancy is a good time to venture to your local market and try a goat milk soap that is homemade. I also love and still use EVOO as my go too skin care product. For any stretchmarks she does get I find essential oils used properly to be very helpful. There was no controlling the rate at which by breasts engorged. A week from being home after labor I pumped 84 ounces from my breasts in one setting. Stretchmarks covered my breasts not attractive at all and EVOO with frankincense, carrot seed and helicryism essential oils greatly reduced my stretchmarks. There is a great variety of essential oils to aid in healing the skin but be sure to use a good company and quality oils also consult with an aromatherapist for pregnancy safe essential oils Good luck and congratulations on the baby
    Amreen says :

    Do it wrk only in pregnancy i hv mark on hibs n thights from child hool nt yet married cn i use this in how many days ot shows effect
    Galega says :

    This lotion is specially manufactured for the removal of stretch marks emanating from pregnancy. It can also work for other stretch marks, but may have less efficacy.

    I would suggest you to find a suitable alternative for your kind of needs.
    mayuri pourel says :

    hi, I am suffering with acute problem of stretch marks on my lower back and on my waist .but this problem i am bearing since from my adolence period.this has emerged from that time .i tried with home based products but scars remain after a long time it has left deep scars on my skin which really looks i want to get rid of this scar and make my skin clear and smooth.there are a lot of anti stretch marks cream and lotion available in market but all those products are meant for pregnant could you please help me with any product through which i can get of this problem. waiting in anticipation….. mayuri
    Galega says :

    Hi Mayuri,

    You are right. Majority of anti-stretch lotion are supposed to tackle pregnancy related stretch, not others. But, obviously there are many. I am not suggesting any product here, but would like to suggest you to first see an skin specialist as the symptom you are saying indicates towards some skin problems. May be you don’t need any anti-stretch lotion, but just some medicine and everything will be fine.
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