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  • I found that a heavy dose of ascorbic acid truly restored back my resistance
  • After several days, I thought I was taking a placebo
  • I like that it doesn’t induce my appetite at all

    • by jhunie


      A vitamin C supplement is always a staple in my diet, rain or shine. I just got back from a very nasty cold the past week. I found that a heavy dose of ascorbic acid truly restored back my resistance. I’m stashing my Airborne effervescent tablets at the mean time as my anti-cold remedy, its dosage is just too high for an everyday supplement. Now, I’d like to slip back to taking regular vitamin c tablets. Without it, I bet my normal digestion will never prosper. I acquired some free stuff in my workplace from a good client who happens to work for a certain pharmaceutical company. I was given some anti-asthma medications which would really be a big help for my niece. Along the boxes of kiddie syrups, I also received vitamin supplements, one of which was an ascorbic acid supplement in its generic packaging. Just in time to replace my previous vitamin c supplement – a forgettable one, I started taking these tablets called Bonalet-cee. Since getting a shot of flu vaccine

      is hard to come by at present, I’ll just stick to my supplements.

      After several days, I thought I was taking a placebo. The dietary tablet felt like any neutral drug. It seems I have nothing evident to say, besides keeping me free from sickness. The weird thing is that I feel tired most of the time. A cup of green tea in the morning always perks me up and I’m never one to snooze off in the afternoon, except for lazy weekends. It’s my tonic drink. I still turn in to bed and wake up at the same time each day, although, I’m guilty of sleeping late. But this doesn’t usually affect my energy levels in the morning. Other than the supplement, I haven’t altered anything in my diet so I’m getting an inkling it’s not doing well. Actually, I’m also taking another multivitamin with Iron and try to alternate the administration of both drugs. When I’m taking the iron supplement, I can do things with better agility. For this tablet however, I ...

      • feel like going down to drink some coffee. My body feels passive and weary. I shun away from coffee if possible but it’s the only thing that works to get rid of the listlessness. The drowsy urge obstructs my concentration sometimes, especially when I’m writing something and I need to furnish the assignment on time.

        My digestion has been okay. I don’t eat a full meal or none at all in the morning, but taking the vitamin supplement doesn’t seem to upset my stomach. Of course it’s imperative to administer any supplement after meals. I’ve had a past history of throat irritation contributed by ascorbic acid and so far, this tablet has been safe. My bowels have been going on a steady rhythm, despite the lack of acidophilus supplements in my diet. Well, being neutral does have a bit of a reward. I like that it doesn’t induce my appetite at all. Most supplements are fattening and would make you gorge on food. Somehow, I don’t get any unnecessary cravings.

        Essentially, the ascorbic acid supplement

        does its job of repelling me from illnesses. People are sick of flu in the office and thankfully, I have yet any signs of an irritating cold which is good. I just survived one a couple of days ago. I like the tablet because it doesn’t taste sour. It’s very solid and doesn’t melt right on your mouth. The tablet is nothing extraordinary in form, just a simple disk shape, yet its medium size is comfortable to swallow. I have no idea how much it costs.

        Explicably, if you want to maximize your energy levels during the day’s heavy workload, while joggling between tasks, I won’t suggest you buy this health supplement. However, if you don’t really live a physically demanding life while keeping your immune system up and running, and don’t want to slack off some precious afternoon naps, then this vitamin c tablet would surely do. I still recommend it. For me though, I’ll turn to the road frequently traveled – towards the drugstore counters and find a better ascorbic acid supplement to liven up the sleepy blues.

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