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  • The plug-in broadband for internet connection was something I thought was one of the best ideas the internet service providers has ever had
  • Again I was told that there was a problem with the promo and that they were still working on it
  • I think there's still a lot of room for improvement for their Globe Tattoo service

    • by urlyn

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      The plug-in broadband for internet connection was something I thought was one of the best ideas the internet service providers has ever had. After getting two USB broadband kits from the two major providers in the country, I went on to see which provider has the best signal depending on which area in the country I was in. I discovered that in my hometown, Globe Tattoo worked better so when I’m home visiting my family, I use Globe Tattoo to get online and do my work. A few months back, Globe Tattoo came up with a Supersurf50 promo wherein you register your Globe Tattoo number for Php50 and get one-day (24-hour period) unlimited surfing . I registered by Globe Tattoo for this promo and found that

      I couldn’t connect to the internet. I called up Globe’s customer service and was promptly told that they were having problems with the supersurf promo when I gave them the code of the error I was getting. I was told to check my connection in the next hour as service should be back up soon. After an hour of constant checking, I still got the same connection error and called back. Again I was told that there was a problem with the promo and that they were still working on it. To make the story short, I wasn’t able to do any work that day and I couldn’t go online. I called Globe’s customer service more than 8 times the entire day. The ...

      • next day I got a text message from my Globe Tattoo that my Supersurf registration was over. I called their customer service again to ask about this and when I gave them the error code I got, I was told that it was a SIM problem and not the promo itself. I demanded that they refund my money since I never got to use the service, I was told that they’d take my request into consideration and that another customer service agent will call me within the next 24 hours. True enough that evening, an agent called me up only to tell me that they would not be able to refund my money. I was infuriated; I told them it was unacceptable and again, I
        got the same spiel about how I should expect another call within the next 24-hours.

        However, I was quite surprised the next day when I got a text message from Globe saying that Php50 was credited to my Globe Tattoo account. When I checked, the amount was there. Later, I got an email from Globe customer service that I should expect the refund shortly.

        Although I still use my Globe Tattoo USB kit, I don’t subscribe to any of their promos for fear of going through the same problem as before. Although the Globe Tattoo functionality and particularly wi-fi signal needs to be improved, I was satisfied with the service they provided me. I think there’s still a lot of room for improvement for their Globe Tattoo service.

    Accounting Chef replies :

    Hi When the same thing happened to me, I called 211 from my globe mobile. I reported the problem to the customer service agent. I kept following up every few hours so when the entire day passed and nothing happened, I asked globe to refund my Php50. After some argument, they did refund it. They`ll know you haven`t been able to use the supersurf because your calls are logged and recorded so make sure to take the time to follow it up every so often. Hope this helps
    ailene mae says :

    I registered yesterday supersurf50 a sec. i recieve a messages that i already registerd by in a few hours the connection will stop and i got message from globe advisory that it will resume tommrow so bad I cant use my unlimtted surfing, its two times happen, when i get registered supersurf50,. can u help ? why its happen always. everytime i registerd,,,
    M says :

    Hi Ailene,

    It just happened that they were having their maintenance. You can have your money refunded anyway. It make time to, not worth the time.
    KC says :

    I can’t register SUPERSURF50 Please help
    allan says :

    I recieved a text message from globe last 9/12 that they will be having system activity maintainance from 9/12 10pm to 9/13 3 pm. All registration to their promo, balance inquiry, reloading, etc. will be unavailable. But until now i think they are still in system activity maintainance coz its hard connect to internet and it is so slow. I can not even check my balance. My load was even debited last night.
    jm martinez says :

    I registered supersurf50 today but unable connected your register please help me
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi JM. Supersurf is not available anymore, it has been replaced by GOSURF. just dial 143 to get the latest data promos you can register to. hope this helps.
    carmie26 says :

    hi Josephine,

    Just for clarification SUPERSURF by Globe is still working and/or available up to this date. Any prepaid and postpaid subscriber can register under this promo. It includes Supersurf 50 which is valid for one day.
    carmie26 says :

    Hi JM,

    To properly register to supersurf50 promo, please ensure that you have a maintaining balance of PHP 5 otherwise you will not be able to surf the net and enjoy this promo.

    To register, you can send SUPERSURF50 via SMS and send it to 8888 or dial 143 and press send on your phone and select Surf Promo and choose SUERSURF50.
    madlyn says :

    hello, i also have the same problem, I subscribed for supersurf200 but my signal is so slow and i really need to connect to internet fast as i can so i stop the subscription because as i observe regular load is a lil faster. But why is it that i cannot have my supersurf back again? imy 200 is gone? thats it? God its not that easy to find 200, you need to work one day for that and the globe will just took it that easy. Feel so bad. Please help. I didnt see any message from 8888 that if i stop my subscription all the remaining unlimited surf wil be forfeited. I texted 8888 many times.
    M says :

    Hi Madlyn,

    I also experienced that one, thats why shifted to Sun Broadband, besides its cheap, its also reliable. Back to your concern, contact Globe Customer Service number at 211 and have it refunded.
    carmie_kane says :

    Hi Madlyn,

    Actually this happens when you have consumed the allowable daily data usage for mobile internet. Globe specified that they have data cap (800 MB per day) that they impose on their unlimited internet users. SUPERSURF200 is an unli-internet for 5 days but once you have consumed their allowable data cap you will experience a very slow connection, it can only be restored on the next day.
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