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  • Since both of my hands have visible silvery white scars resulting from cat scratches and bites, I decided to try out eRAse to see if it would make good on its claim to remove scars
  • Having very sensitive skin, I was happy to note that I did not experience any itchiness or redness with the product
  • Still, if you would like to try it out, I recommend a trial of two weeks like what I did

    • by Rory

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      Being a magazine writer, I often have the opportunity to try out new products from companies that want to post ads with our publication. One of these products is simply called eRAse, which according to the label “provides fast peeling action” to remove stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, pimples, and dark elbows and knees. Since both of my

      hands have visible silvery white scars resulting from cat scratches and bites, I decided to try out eRAse to see if it would make good on its claim to remove scars.

      Application is easy enough — the roll on allows you to apply the nice-smelling solution to the scars. Having very sensitive skin, I was happy to note that I did not experience any itchiness or redness with the product. To my surprise, the initial applications showed the scars practically disappearing before my eyes. I thought “Whoa! This product is good.” However, just after a few minutes, I saw the scars reappearing again. I followed the instructions of applying the solution once a day. But ...

      • eRAse Solution for Stretch Marks & Scars
      again, initial applications had the scars vanishing, only to appear again minutes later. Also, I did not note any peeling or exfoliation action at all.

      After two weeks of use, I decided to stop using eRAse because it did not produce the desired effect on me. A dermatologist told me that the product may not have worked because

      of the quality of my skin, which feels thick and a bit tough. Frankly, I am not sure if eRAse will work on fine, softer skin. Still, if you would like to try it out, I recommend a trial of two weeks like what I did. If it works on you, well and good. If not, better look for other products.

jrj says :

i am also using eRASE solution…, it is already 5 months. it`s effect is light, under my observation it gives 25% improvement.
Galega says :

When it comes to the removal of stretch marks, there is nothing that works quickly. If you are seeing 25% improvement, you should continue with it. The duration doesn’t depend on the efficacy of the product, but the gravity of your stretch marks. Some marks do go away within one two weeks, some takes months. Continue with it, if you are not experiencing any abnormality/side effects.
jrj says :

my scar lenght is 2 inches lenght and haft inch in width, and before its to dark and to swell, it too Long that im using this solution,until now but im satisfied enough with it, because it gives great improvement it flatten my stretch marks and soften., my friends always asking me what solution does im using so im telling them this product and promoting this solution for them because it was safe and effective.
maricar eucapor says :

is it important to use first cleansing and toning before solution? or it is okay if i’ll use solution already?
Galega says :

It is not necessary to do cleaning and toning before applying solution. A simple wash and drying up of the face (of the affected area) with mildly warm water will suffice your needs.
moons says :

you do not have to use other creams before maricar but you have to know its not magic, I used it for months and all it did is make the area little lighter, but no erasing effect at all. so it not really the best
Galega says :

The result depend on various factor like age, nature of scar, time frame of scar and its deepness, among others. This solution can easily get rid of fresh scars, like pimple/acne. It can’t remove chicken pox scars. And, it can only lighten old surgical/accidental scars.
ola says :

sure you are right best advice as not hurt skin
Sheryll says :

i have pimples is it helpful to use erase to get rid of it?pls help
Galega says :

Erase Solution can be helpful in tackling the problem of scars or stretch marks. If there is scar on your face because of pimples, this cream can definitely help you.

However, please don t expect it to cure pimples. It is just for scars.
Nikjan27 says :

yes, but apply a small amount on the pimples and not the whole face. Use sparingly because too much can dry your skin and that is another huge problem in itself.
Galega says :

It is a scar remover cream which may not be useful in the treatment of pimples. It can cure pimple scars, but not pimples. I would not suggest Erase Solution to be applied on pimples.
shane says :

Is it OK if I use it on my stretch marks? But I’m just only 17 yo? What should I do? I’d buy a bottle I notice that its not necessary to use below 18. :(
Galega says :

Yes, it should not be used below a person who is 18 years of age.

If there is any necessity and you are tempting to use it, first you are required to consult a dermatologist.
Stephanie says :

I’m turning 18 this april so im still 17 but i already use the erase solution w/o consulting a derma . i have already see the result like the peeling action but my face is getting red and it’s like having a rashes on my face and feeling a burning skin everytime i put again on my face every night. it’s that bad for using it because im not 18 yet?
Galega says :

Teenagers can also use Erase Solution. There isn’t any problem as far as age is concerned.

It is possible that your body is sensitive to the ingredients of Erase Solution. In this case, you may need to look for another anti scar cream.

You should also try it for two days in the method I am telling you to see whether it makes any difference. Take little amount of cream on a cotton (not, fingertip) and gently apply only on the affected area. Don’t apply it at any other place. Use it once a day and before using properly wash your face. If you are feeling irritation even with this procedure, you need to change the brand.
Nikjan27 says :

Yes, probably that and probably you used too much. You’re supposed to use this sparingly, and couple it with hydrators and moisturizers because eRase can dry and irritate the skin. You should also be using sunscreen of at least SPF40 if you are using something that causes peeling. If you dont have these products to protect you, then I advise that you stop using it until you’ve found ones that your face is hiyang to.
ivy says :

My skin was burnt. Can i use it to remove scars? Thanks:)
Jennifer Davis says :

Yes, this will help to ease your scars, but sometimes burn scars can be a little sensitive so start out slow and use cocoa butter to help nourish skin and further help to eliminate the scars.
Galega says :

First of all, as long as the burn wound is alive use a medicine for its treatment. During that phase, use Silverex ointment on the affected area and take one antibiotic, like penicilin for 3 days. Once the wound is perfectly healed, you can consider using eRase Solution or Contractubex. Both of these products can help you in tackling this problem.
joan says :

I used to apply this product on my acne scar way back 2008. I had an acne breakout that time And i can say that it really improved my skin condition. I’m currently having blemishes on my cheeks and i want to remove them since im still not busy and my job doesn’t require me to go outside so often.i’m wondering if this product can help get red of it.i already tried a lot of soaps but it didn’t disapper.
Galega says :

Yes, this cream will definitely help you to get rid of blemishes. Since, you have previously used this cream, there is little possibility of any reaction. You should go ahead and use it. Apply the cream only on the affected area with gentle massage. You should start to see some result within three weeks.
aiza says :

Erase solution worked wonders for me I used to have dull uneven skin on my face.I was even planning to undergo diamond peel sessions just to have my skin fixed. Thank God I thought of trying this product first and saved me a lot. I used this and the peeling happened just a day after my first was painful face got really red and itchy. Now it was just a week after and my face never looked this good I love the results ..iam also using a night cream with niacinamide and i guess it also helped in achieving a nice result. I think results can vary depending on the skin..
abbie says :

Hi I used erase solution to my chest and back pimples for almost 1mnth. I experiencing. Peeling itchiness redness and burn. It is ok?? Tnx
Galega says :

Itchiness and redness with mild burning sensation can happen around the area where you have applied this cream. It also depends on the sensitivity level of your skin.

However, if you are having burning sensation for continuously one month, I would suggest you to stop using this cream and look for alternative. Usually, itchiness and burning sensation go away after around one week of continuous use.
jonabelle says :

Hi im using erase solution for my strech marks at the back of my knee, is it normal that my strech marks were itching, looks like having a rashes and reddish?? Thank you. :)
Galega says :

Itchiness and redness around the affected area, where you have applied the cream, can happen. It depends on the sensitivity level of your skin. If there is unbearable itchiness, you should stop using it.
jonabelle says :

I see, it looks dried now, like snake skin. I dont know if its effective on me or not. :(
Anyway, Thanks for your reply.
Galega says :

If your skin looks like snake skin, it means there is lots of peeling effect. I suggest you to immediately stop using this cream. If this peeling effect remains there, you should consult a dermatologist.

Ask your dermatologist about the most suitable stretch mark removal cream for your needs.
kath says :

Do erase can cure dark spots?
Galega says :

Yes, eRAse Solution can definitely help you to get rid of dark spots. You should see some results after 2 - 3 weeks of continuous use.
Princess says :

Hello Jamille,
I have this peso coin scars on my legs and i’ve got it when i was just in elementary and now i’m 20 . would this eRase still be effective in removing my scars ?
Galega says :

Erase Solution is also considered suitable for removing very old stretch marks. You may try this cream. You should get some results after using it for 3-4 weeks.
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