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  • Depending on the type of player you are, this video game will either quickly become boring or quickly become addicting
  • I'm glad that I had a chance to experience this Mario-themed matching video game, but I can't see myself eager to ever play this video game again

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Yoshi is a puzzle video game for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld. It’s a super simple puzzle video game that revolves around a very simple concept: while play as Mario, move several dishes around so that the characters that are falling from the top of the screen land on the dishes in pairs. This means if a Goomba has landed on one plate, the objective then is to maneuver that one plate around so that another Goomba lands on top of the first. This will cause the two Goombas to disappear and points to be awarded. This process has to be repeated over and over again as the goal is to keep the screen as clear as possible of characters. If one plate piles too high, then it’s game over. As a player progresses through the levels, more characters fall from the top of the screen and faster, too. One thing to watch out for is a cracked Yoshi egg. Catch one cracked half, then catch some falling characters, then catch the other half, and big bonus points will be awarded. That’s the extent of the

      gameplay. It’s a very simple matching-type puzzle video game, but because it’s simple, does that mean it should be ignored? Well, if you’re a fan of the Mario and Yoshi characters, then this video game may be worth playing. The characters that fall from the screen are all recognizable characters from the Nintendo Entertainment System two-dimensional Super Mario platformers.

      This puzzle video game does offer a good challenge. The later levels can be hectic because of the number of characters falling downwards and the rate in which they tumble towards the plates. Managing four plates can seem, at times, overwhelming, and flipping the plates from side to side while matching up the falling characters requires a good amount of concentration and speed. Like most puzzle video games, the first few levels are a breeze, but then the difficulty gets kicked up several notches. It’s not just fun to tackle the challenge alone though, there’s also an option to play against another player, if that other player has a Game Boy of his or her own and a Yoshi video game of his or her own. Then,

      • all that is needed is a Game Link Cable to connect the two Game Boys. The two player mode pits the two players head to head to see who has the fastest reflexes and who stays the calmest under pressure. Not having someone to play against though does shorten the replay value of this video game by quite a bit though. If you’re the type of person that loves to work towards high scores and you enjoy continually working to beat your own high scores, then this puzzle video game will keep you occupied for a very, very long time. Otherwise, it’s likely to lose its appeal within a week, if not sooner.

        This is a pretty standard puzzle video game that plays with a basic concept and doesn’t do much to spice up that basic concept. It’s a matching game that brings in characters from the Mario video game series. The two halves of the Yoshi egg does shake up the simple gameplay ever so slightly and can be very valuable and fun to watch out for if playing for the highest score possible. Depending on

        the type of player you are, this video game will either quickly become boring or quickly become addicting. If you love playing for high scores, then this video game will present a real challenge and lots of replay value. Otherwise, the very limited selection of three basic background music tracks, the basic graphics and simple gameplay concept will likely cause you to put the video game down after just a few days of playing. I personally find this puzzle video game to be too simple in design for my tastes. I’m glad that I had a chance to experience this Mario-themed matching video game, but I can’t see myself eager to ever play this video game again. I feel that a “5″ rating is fair considering how the puzzle video game can be both fun and challenging in the later levels and also considering how the two-player mode can result in some fierce yet friendly competition for high scores. The simple matching aspects of this puzzle video game needed to be spiced up in more ways than one to really be considered unique and to better hold one’s attention, though.

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