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  • I purchased a small box of 18 tablets or a 9 doses for four dollars

    • by adrean_j

      With a younger daughter that goes to school, a lot of germs get taken back to the house. It seems like someone is always sick. She gets a cold at least every six weeks and brings it back to me. I’m sick so often that I feel I am spending entirely too much on cold medicine. Every time I try something it is the same old thing, cough syrups, tablets, or lozenges. I wanted to try something different. I opted to buy the Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Formula Effervescent Tablets.

      I purchased a small box of 18 tablets or a 9 doses for four dollars. Each dose is individually wrapped, which makes it ideal for taking with you on the go. The packets are thin and they fit perfectly into my pocket. The wrapper on these tablets are kind of thick and it takes a little effort to rip it open. The tablets need to be mixed with water as all Alka Seltzer product.

      As I put the tablets in the water I watched them dissolve. It took only a short time before they were fully dissolve. I would say the medicine was ready to drink within 30 seconds. Once the fizz stopped I started to drink and the flavor was something else. I didn’t really like it, because it was kind of salty, but tasted a bit like baking soda. It the worst part is that you have to continue to drink it until it is all gone. Especially to get the last of the medicine. I could see residue form the tablets at the bottom of the glass.

      • Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Formula Effervescent Tablets
      After drinking it I was waiting to feel something different. This medication doesn’t have to edge of some others where it gives a soothing feeling instantly. I didn’t feel like anything coated my throat or was working to make me feel better at all. After about 20 minutes, I started to notice my nose clearing up a bit. Then my congestion headache completely went away. I was really thankful for that moment.

      Besides that I didn’t feel too much else or too much relief. It was good that this was

      a non drowsy formula, but it didn’t really do anything that would make you drowsy. The medicine was okay, but I have felt much better with other cold formulas. It didn’t do anything for my cough and in fact I still had to take something for my cough. These tablets remind me of the original Alka Seltzer and still works pretty well for heartburn purposes. The painkiller in it is good for throat pain, but that is pretty much it. I wouldn’t really buy this medication again to treat a cold.

Mary Baker says :

Why is there aspertame under the inactive ingredients? What is it`s purpose? Isn`t it bad for my brain`s ability to remember?
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi The aspartame is just to sweeten the medicine enough to get rid of the bitter taste that would be present without it. While it is true that prolonged abuse of aspartame as a sweetener has been linked to medical problems, ingesting a little every so often is unlikely hurt you.
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