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  • I found in the grocery store, and had never heard of this brand before
  • The problem with this cat litter is that it does not clump together very well
  • But there really is better quality litter out there, and I think I will spend my money on different brands in the future

    • by opalina143

      One of the most difficult things about having a cat is contending with the litter box. It is of course, no fun to scoop up cat poo. In addition to that, it is difficult to find good litter that is affordable. Soft Paw Cat Litter was an economical choice.

      I found in the grocery store, and had never heard of this brand before. It was relatively cheap and was also on sale. Therefore, I decided to try it.

      With cat litter, there are two

      major considerations to keep in mind for the quality. One important thing is that it controls odors. The other, even more important thing, is that it clumps together properly and can be scooped out easily.

      The odor controlling component of Soft Paw Kitty Litter was average. The smell seemed about the same as it had with other kitty litters, and stronger than what odor controlling litter was used. So this particular kind of cat litter is only mediocre job at controlling odor.

      Of course, it’s ...

      • not billed as odor controlling litter, so that is only to be expected.

        The problem with this cat litter is that it does not clump together very well. It’s clumping action is not as high as other litters I have tried.

        The small pieces of congealed cat waste tended to break apart when I was scooping it out. This was a problem, because it made the litter box hard to clean. It was not a huge problem, but it did definitely decrease the ease-of-use in the cat litter.

        It made the litter appear to be of a poorer quality than many of the other litter brands I have tried. This must have added to the odor and made cleaning more of a chore. This was the main problem with the cat litter.

        The litter is okay in a pinch, I would buy it only if I didn’t have enough money for better litter. But there really is better quality litter out there, and I think I will spend my money on different brands in the future.

    pd says :

    I was excited about the price (3.99 for 20 lbs - cheapest I’ve ever seen) but it absolutely does not clump. It disintegrates and my bsement began to smell awful. I will not buy this again. and I wonder if the people who make/sell this have cats.
    opalina143 replies :

    Yeah. It is really bad litter.
    Suzy says :

    Hi, I know how frustrating it can be to find a good cat litter without emptying your wallet. I’ve tried a few brands from Tidy Cats to Scoop Away. Tidy Cats is a good cat litter but it seems like my cats track it everywhere and it can be pricey, depending on where you buy it.

    Now, I use Hartz Multi-Cat Litter. There’s very little tracking and it’s cheaper than Tidy Cats Also, it seems to neutralize the odors better than anything I’ve used.
    Joanna says :

    I am fond of Scoop Away and Arm Hammer. Both do a wonderful job of neutralizing odors fast. Plus they don’t seem to get caught up in my cat’s paws. Soft Paw doesn’t clump up nearly as well, and in reality causes me to use more than I would with Arm Hammer or Scoop Away. In the end, it isn’t any cheaper and is more frustrating.
    opalina143 replies :

    Definitely true.
    Mike says :

    I love this litter. It is not supposed to clump. The feces is removed as usual but the urine should be distributed over the litter box by stirring the box with the litter scoop. When the wet area comes in contact with the dry litter the wetness is absorbed. I stir the box after I remove the poop. A small bag is a dollar at the dollar store and each bag will last a week before it will no longer absorb wetness and you need to throw it away. The other benefit I find is that this litter does not track out with the cat nearly as badly as the clumping litters. I now use only this litter. 4 bucks a month is really a good deal in my opinion. I will say that my litter box is in the garage (I have a cat door on the inside door to the garage to give the cat garage access) so any odor issues I cant address realistically.
    tina says :

    re : The problem with this cat litter is that it does not clump together very well
    I agree completely that this litter is non clumping. If you want a good clumping litter, you should try tidycat. I have used it many times and the smell is also covered up.
    Roberta says :

    All of my cats have been rescue cats.But I’ve never had a problem with any of them not wanting to use a litter box. I scoop twice a day.First thing in the AM, and later in the PM before I retire for the evening. I use Fresh Step with the charcoal order, and very little dust.I hear my girl about 4 AM..she loves to dig in the litter,I always ask her if she’s trying to dig a hole to China Most of the time she is just moving the litter from one side of the box to the other..but sometimes I find a huge pile of litter on the bathroom another reason to scoop twice a day.

    Having a cat is like having a child, scooping the poop is like dirty diapers,you can’t have one without the other. So, I don’t consider sweeping up litter, scooping out the poop, and changing the box a chore..if I did I wouldn’t have a cat. That is something to consider if you’re thinking about bringing a cat into your family.
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