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  • It will cost more, and depending on the bottle size, quite likely less caplets will come in a bottle compared with the Equate brand, but the relief will come faster when an Excedrin caplet is taken

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Equate Extra Strength Headache Relief Tablets is a medicine that is specifically designed to relieve throbbing headaches. That’s why if I have a headache, I take these tablets and not the tablets of a pain reliever that is formulated to address back and body pains along with headaches. If I have a headache that doesn’t seem to want to go away or is causing me noticeable discomfort, I reach for a bottle of these tablets. This is a Walmart brand product, so the only place these tablets can be bought is at Walmart. Walmart modeled this headache relief medication after Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets, with the same ingredients. The Equate product can usually be found next to or very near the Excedrin product. I have found that the Equate tablets doesn’t deliver relief as quickly as the Excedrin caplets. I have to wait an additional ten or so minutes as compared to when I use the Excedrin caplets, but once the relief does kick in, the Equate tablets take care of my headache just as good as the Excedrin caplets.

      Both products work well in concealing the discomfort caused by headaches, only the name brand product happens to work faster than the store brand product, but other than that and the price difference, both products are essentially the same. The difference in price is the reason I go with the Equate brand over the Excedrin brand.

      When I choose the Equate brand instead of the Excedrin brand, I end up saving around seventy-five cents. Now seventy-five cents may not sound like a whole lot of money, but if while I’m shopping, I pick up several Walmart brand products, all the money that I save by going with the Walmart brand adds up to dollars. Sure, the Equate tablets don’t put an end to my headache as quickly as the Excedrin caplets, but I’m willing to put up with an extra ten or so minutes of discomfort if it means I’m saving money and getting more tablets too. The Equate product lasts me longer because more come in a bottle, and when it’s time to buy more, the Equate product costs me ...

      • less money. That’s two pluses over the Excedrin brand. The Equate tablets are relatively easy to swallow, although I do prefer geltabs as those seem to go down easier. The tablets are manageable though. Once the tablets are in my system and working, they help to keep my headache away for several hours, and a lot of times, that’s all I need, because by the time the tablets fade in effectiveness, my headache is gone, either because the tablets helped to relieve the pain caused by the headache long enough for me to drift off to sleep or because I stopped doing something that was causing the stress or strain that in turn led to the headache. The Equate product is just as effective as the Excedrin product once the medication begins working. Sure, it would be terrific if the Equate product worked as quickly as the Excedrin product did, but I’m still pretty happy with it as is.

        For those individuals that want relief and need relief as fast as it possibly could come, then the Equate Extra Strength Headache

        Relief Tablets likely will not satisfy and instead, the Excedrin brand should be selected. It will cost more, and depending on the bottle size, quite likely less caplets will come in a bottle compared with the Equate brand, but the relief will come faster when an Excedrin caplet is taken. For those that can deal with the pain and want to save money and get more tablets per purchase, then the Equate product is worth checking out. The product might not be as fast-acting, however, once the Equate tablets begin working, the relief they deliver is very much comparable to the Excedrin product. I still buy the Excedrin brand when there’s a sale or I have a coupon and the final price beats the Equate brand price, but when I don’t have a coupon or there isn’t a sale, I go with the Equate brand. The Excedrin product is great, but so is the Equate product, and really, a person can’t go wrong picking either because both will knock out most headaches. For its value and quality, I’m rating the Equate product a “9″.

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