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  • I have enjoyed watching him figure things out
  • I like to know that my choice of breeds has grown

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      I have been a dog breeder for many years. I have bred, loved, sold and taught to behave well, Siberian Huskies and, at a different time, teacup poodles. Now, for my own family pet, I have chosen a Beagle. I have asthma that is bad enough that I am not really supposed to have any dog, unless it is a poodle or a Chinese Crested dog. This is because the dander that causes asthma attacks is not ON these types of dogs.

      However, I was given the chance to have an AKC Beagle, just recently, and have found that his dander has not affected me in any negative way. Beagles are wonderful family dogs. They become ‘family’ very quickly, just wanting everyone’s attention. This is the first dog our family has EVER had who did not seem to ‘belong’ to a particular family member.

      It seemed that each dog picked out whom he/she wanted to give the most loving to, when it comes to our very long history of

      having house dog pets. Our Beagle just isn’t that way! He is totally loving to each person in the family! The love he gives, seems to be for everyone, not anyone in particular. This is rather a nice thing for our family. When my grandchild, only 4 yrs old, comes to visit…….

      and he does a lot……this Beagle just accepts him as part of the family, and seems to realize that the boy is small, young, and not to be played with too wildly. When this Beagle of ours, Beagle Bailey, or Snoopy, as different family members seem to call him different names, it doesn’t confuse him. Our Beagle, received by us at the great age of 8 weeks of his age, was so easily house trained, that I was amazed. I’d love to take the credit for it, but, actually, the breed is very smart.

      I have enjoyed watching him figure things out! He seems to use his brain a lot, when he cannot seem to ‘fit’ something into ...

      • a particular place. He seems patient about his thinking. If it does not fit one way, it WILL fit another way. He takes the time to figure it out, and it is hilarious watching him do this.

        It is not just that he does it, but that he does it with a very serious look on his droopy little face. There is a feral cat who comes to our deck. The Beagle is curious about this ‘critter’, but, respects his space. I do not mean that the dog is afraid of the cat.

        I mean that he shows actual respect for the cat. When it is raining out, and the cat is searching for a place to stay warm, the Beagle practically ‘takes’ the cat to the warm box, filled with fresh blankets on a daily basis. The dog will continue to work with the wild cat until the cat gives in, and does sleep in the sheltered area. Then, the dog is ready to return inside our home.

        A Beagle with a heart? Don’t know!!f The only thing I can see that a Beagle would not be good for, in a family situation, is if the family is seeking a guard dog. Beagles do not make good guard dogs. The Beagle is more likely to lick the intruder to death than bite an intruder!

        If you do have asthma, you may find that this breed is excellent for you! I like to know that my choice of breeds has grown. Having asthma is very serious, and I have it badly enough to be disabled.

        I want all to realize that their options for a house pet just may have expanded! If you think you could love a Beagle, give it a try! Trust this: You won’t be able to NOT love a Beagle. DO be sure that your Beagle is AKC. I have no idea how this would work with a Beagle who is only partly Beagle. I can breath well with a true Beagle, and maybe, you CAN, too! Try it!

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