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  • I had a bad experience with super enriched face creams and I apparently thought this one had the right balance
  • And I love the stability of the cream’s consistency
  • In that sense, I think the night cream becomes really heavy sometimes even when airconditioning is around
  • I believe it truly hastens the skin’s ability to recover

    • by jhunie


      I went to my neighborhood derma for a brief checkup early this year. I was flustered why I kept breaking out then, and I had this theory of hormonal upsets that may have triggered the condition. The doctor said my skin’s natural defenses might have weakened by constant dermabrasion or peeling. It sounded very probable and I was advised to supplement my skin’s moisture levels back and nourish it whenever possible to give my skin a boost of vitality. It felt daunting to find a face cream or whatever product that could fit the specific profile. I didn’t want to douse my face with too much moisture because I have oily skin. I hate to be bothered by an oily mess during the day; I therefore tapped into night creams so I could use it only at night. I got lured into trying out Lancome’s Primordiale skin recharge night cream. I had a bad experience with super enriched face creams and I apparently thought this one had the right balance. The contents include vitamin A and my skin loves this nutrient.

      Nevertheless, I kicked off my night cream regimen using this product. If I could give a more accurate description, the cream feels nothing less than a rich moisturizer. And

      I love the stability of the cream’s consistency. It stays creamy and spreads thinly over the face. Some oil-free creams may have been more suitable for oily types like me but have a propensity to thicken up when exposed too much. The cream itself remains viable. I’ve developed a quickie method of application for creamy formulas – I usually scoop a liberal dollop and dot out the cream over the different zones of my face so I could practically distribute them in a fluid motion. I don’t know if ‘oxidize’ is the right term but some creams seem harder to disperse on the skin as few seconds elapse.

      Primordiale nuit yields this slick moisturized feeling initially but it sits comfortable on my face and I don’t feel a stifling sensation. I sometimes absentmindedly apply the cream since I got so attached to it already like any night time ritual before even making a definite decision to really sleep right away. Then I have this bad habit of extending the evening for one hour – then another hour until I end up leisurely sprawling in bed watching the tv or reading a book. Once I’ve worn the cream for the next 3 or 4 hours, I get this sloppy moist feel around the ...

      • bridge of my nose which is an apparent sign that my face has gotten so oily, particularly over my t-zone. In that sense, I think the night cream becomes really heavy sometimes even when airconditioning is around.

        I didn’t use the cream regularly every night, this was very important while I was trying to introduce, at the same time, engage the product slowly into my sensitive face. I only reach for it when the need arises; every time my face feels a bit tight and dry since my veteran cleanser and toner don’t really deliver that much hydration – and are in fact, meant to deprive me of natural moisture. I still break out each month but it’s not so rampant and it seems manageable now. I think it’s safe to say the cream restored my skin’s natural integrity because I break out less. It’s friendly enough for the skin. However, I remembered one time when I used to dab the night lotion on the tiny strip of skin just above the eye brows, very closely and the next day I had these bumpy red blemishes showing which manifested a reaction.

        The ‘skin recharge’ indication isn’t exactly the real score because I don’t see anything anti-fatigue about this product, I’ve dabbed it many times below the

        eyes and it had not affected the area significantly to cause firming. I have to say though that this product is gradually growing on me. My skin had endured enough pimples in the past months and it’s been almost 4 months of sticking to this nightly regimen. So many acne spots have come and gone with this cream and at present, my skin doesn’t bear all those unsightly scars. I believe it truly hastens the skin’s ability to recover. I don’t see my skin toning up dramatically but I love the dense amount of moisture it provides.

        One thing I’m not crazy about this cream is the fragrance. It’s heavily fragranced and the scent envelopes your face like someone’s dressy perfume. Another discouraging trivia is the hefty price at 80 dollars. I’m currently looking at Olay’s night firming cream which is more affordable. It’s quite similar to this night cream but I have yet enough time to gather a comprehensive comparison between the 2 creams. If the former performs better or pretty much the same, then I’d switch to it because this cream is quite pricey. But given my skin’s fairly positive reception to this night cream, this product surely deserves all the praises and I give it my sincerest recommendation.

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