Western Family Super Tampons
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  • What I like best is that I wore this tampon to bed and didn’t have to wake up and change in the middle of the night
  • They are adequate for any woman, and definitely get the job done when it comes to protection

    • by adrean_j

      I was in a local grocery store and needed some tampons. They had a very small selection and I picked up a box that I’d never tried before. It was the most affordable brand they had available on the shelf. They were the Western Family brand super absorbency tampons. There were 20 in a box for a little over 3 dollars.

      I expected the tampons to be kind of cheaply made and I was right. However, they were still pretty good tampons despite the cheap packaging and applicator. The applicator was made of cardboard. There was no real grip where you are suppose to hold the applicator to insert the tampon.

      They punched a really tiny hole in the side, but

      there is no way anyone could grip it. The hole is completely pointless. It was about the size of a dot made with a pen or other sharp object. I just had to grip the sides as tightly as I could.

      Application wasn’t very hard after getting a good grip. The applicator does slide with ease most of the time. These Western Family tampons are extremely comfortable. I do not feel them at all and they fit nicely.

      I could go about my daily business and not feel restricted like there was something there. The string is strong and has not broken away from the tampon, for easy removal. I’ve experienced some tampons where the string rips right off. It can ...

      • be a nightmare trying to remove it after that occurs.

        The string for Western Family Super tampons are truly reliable.

        The absorbency level is adequate for a super absorbency tampon. It holds me for at least two hours even when my flow is at its heaviest. I can move around and don’t really have to worry about leaks.

        I almost always wear a pantiliner when I wear tampons, and it actually stayed clean, because this tampon was so absorbent. I was really shocked, because I did not expect a tampon that is not well known to work this good. What I like best is that I wore this tampon to bed and didn’t have to wake up and change in the

        middle of the night. I stayed dry until the morning and it makes me sleep a little bit easier.

        They can be disposed of easily. The applicator just fits right into the paper wrapper and thrown away. This box lasts me through one cycle, but that is about the same as any other decent box of tampons. I like the Western Family tampons, but wouldn’t say that they beat out all of the competition.

        They are adequate for any woman, and definitely get the job done when it comes to protection. I would suggest that women who are used to cardboard applicators try them. People who really don’t like cardboard anyway, would especially not like these because of the slim chances of getting a good grip.

    destiny1983 says :

    I just have to say that I bought a box of 40 super plus Western Family tampons because of the price. My experience was horrible. I expected them to be cheaply made but I can only seem to get 2/10 inserted. One because I can’t get them out of the applicator and most importantly it feels much like inserting a steak knife into my vagina…. OUCH I end up throwing most away and stuffing my underwear with tp. But the pros are when I am successful they are very absorbent.

    Jennifer Davis says :

    hi, the problems that you are having are common and if you don’t want to switch the best way to combat the insertion problem is to either use a light layer of Vaseline on the applicator to help with a smooth transition. You can also use a water based personal lube which will do the same thing and make the insertion of the tampons significantly easier and smoother.

    Also, it sounds as though you could be using the wrong size tampons. Super plus tampons are very large and are too big for many women to insert comfortably. I would recommend going down a size to the traditional super absorbency tampons or even the regular absorbency tampons. They are smaller and are much more likely to fit into your vagina comfortably.

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