Super Mario Land 2 -6 golden coins
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  • The levels are very interesting and fun to play on so you wont get bored of them easily

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      Super Mario Land 2 6 golden coins is a game for the original black and white gameboy made in 1992.It is the sequal to the 1989 game super mario land.In this game you play as the hero Mario as he goes on an adventure taking his castle back from his rival Wario.

      The game is relativly good.The graphics are pretty advanced for a gameboy game despite being in black or white.It uses sprites that look like they came straight from super mario world for snes.Mario has a clear,well made sprite.The game enemies also have great looking sprites.Level design is pretty good.Mario goes through worlds not really seen in other mario games such as going into space and a land where he is shrunk to the size of an ant.There is also a level where you play

      in a giant toy like world where toy soldiers and jack in the boxes attack you.The game has a good learning curve and is relativly easy.This may be a downside to people familiar with Mario games but is perfect for people new to mario games.Mario has a few fun powerups that he can use in the game.One is a magic carrot that makes mario get bunny ears.When mario has bunny ears,he can float in the air for a short time while jumping.This is effecient if you are are jumping on narrow platforms where it easy to fall off.Also,using the bunny powerup will allow you to reach secret levels in the game.

      There are a fine amount of levels in the game.There are about 6 worlds with 4 or 5 levels within them.Each of these worlds ...

      • have a boss uo have to beat which are not too challenging such as a giant bird.The levels are very interesting and fun to play on so you wont get bored of them easily.There are worlds, such as a forest land,and spooky house land.However about 2 worlds just have two or 3 levels in them.This is sort of a dissapointment.A great thing about this game is its pretty easy to get extra lives.When you get enough coins,you can play mini games based on chance which allows you to get extra lives.You could also get extra lives by playing a crank like mini game in which yuo pick up extra lives or powerups like a crane machine.

        All yuo have to do to play this mini game is hit a bell at the end of the stage

        which is placed high up in the air.It is pretty easy to hit this bell because most of the time,there is a platform you can jump on to get high enough and hit the bell.The music in the game is pretty cathcy.The main theme played in many levels is a bright and happy theme that sort of sounds like a carousel ride in an amusement park.The other levels have sort of a variation of this theme which have a few different notes or a slowed down tempo.All of the them are usually well made and catchy.The lat boss battle you play,yuo have to fight wario in your castle.It is not too hard and can be done without much frustration.After this,you reclaim your castle from Wario.The game is a lot of fun to beat and the levels were really fun.

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