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  • The problem is, it wasn't supposed to be a comedy
  • BUT, that said, I think this film typifies what is meant by the phrase beating a dead horse
  • But even more, I take issue with the implausibility of the whole ordeal
  • The sad part, though, is that I don't think it was meant to be a comedy

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      Apocalypto must be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen this year. The problem is, it wasn’t supposed to be a comedy. But I couldn’t help but burst out laughing towards the end of the film. It just was too much, by that time.

      First off, the message. Now, I am a bit of a tree hugger myself, with definite sympathies for postcolonial thought and theory, and a decidedly skeptical view of urban life (perhaps you’d even say cynical or jaded on that one). I’m even all for seeing a survivor’s mentality.

      BUT, that said, I think this film typifies what is meant by the phrase “beating a dead horse. ” Come on! Enough! I got it. Urban life is bad.

      Imperialism is deadly. Raping the land will only provide a very temporary satisfaction, but leave behind a real barrenness. And the rugged individual is the ultimate good in


      See… it doesn’t take two hours to say all that. But even more, I take issue with the implausibility of the whole ordeal. Forget that the guy outran a jaguar and a whole slew of arrows, spears and what have you.

      Forget that a spooky prophecy was spoken by a little abandoned waif in the middle of a desolate landscape where she’d moments before been weeping and begging for a bit of attention. Forget that jaguars and snakes have come to the rescue of our rugged individual. Forget that he ran through the jungle with a spear wound in his belly, and outran those fierce warrior types who were on his tail.

      Forget that his wife, waiting patiently for him at home, bears his youngest child while his eldest sits atop her shoulders, just out of reach of the floodwaters into which the youngest was born. (Yeah, that’s the part where I laughed out ...

      • loud. ) Forget all that.

        Here’s what I really can’t believe: do you really mean to tell me that those other blue-painted slaves would just stand there, with the rest of those weapons on the ground, while the whole ruthless tribe of conquerors runs off chasing after this rugged individual across the jungle? Wouldn’t they pick up those weapons and fight, considering the fate those fellows had planned for them? I mean, come on! (And anyway, that would’ve better fulfilled the prophecy, which stated that the jaguar was supposed to lead them against their oppressors, didn’t it?) And, another loose end not tied up: what happened to all those kids who we left standing at the riverside? Why didn’t they go back to the village? Why didn’t they help the wife out of the pit? Why weren’t they a part of the deaths of some of the warriors who chased our hero

        all the way back to the village? I mean, couldn’t we have done something with them? What was the point of their inclusion, if we were going to just leave their story dangling like that? Just like their fathers, who apparently disappeared from existence when we started the great run through the jungle. I expected both of those groups to turn up again at some point. But perhaps that would’ve undermined the rugged individualism that we wanted from the film?

        It was bloody.

        It was action-packed. It was a thrill a minute. It never let up.

        It had plenty of shock-value (a two-hour Fear Factor?) But it was all pretty pointless. I mean, yes, there was that message stuff going on, but really… what was the point of this film? It was laughable. The sad part, though, is that I don’t think it was meant to be a comedy.

        Or was it?

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