Good Living ™ Microwave Egg Poacher
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  • When I spotted Good Living's Microwave Egg Poacher in my local Safeway grocery store, I thought this could be a really smart buy
  • It only cost a few bucks, and it looked like it would give me an easy, mess-free way to cook eggs for breakfast

    • by Charles Hughes

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      When I spotted Good Living’s Microwave Egg Poacher in my local Safeway grocery store, I thought this could be a really smart buy. It only cost a few bucks, and it looked like it would give me an easy, mess-free way to cook eggs for breakfast.

      I occasionally fry eggs, but I cook only for myself, and the clean-up afterwards make it seem inefficient. I also occasionally boil eggs, but shelling the eggs is a pain, especially when the egg whites get stuck to the membranes

      that surround them.

      Good Living’s egg poacher seemed like the perfect solution. I imagined I could just crack a couple of eggs into the cups the product provides, pop the poacher into the microwave, and enjoy. No muss, no fuss.

      Reality turned out to be radically different. I rate the poacher a DO-NOT-BUY.

      The poacher is a single piece of white plastic with a clamshell design. When the poacher is opened, you have two cups with rounded bottoms in which to pour your eggs connected by hinges to identical cups which form domes when the poacher is folded closed and snapped shut. The hinges are just thin strips in the plastic which allows the pliable plastic to bend at those points. It looks as though they might give way over time, but I will probably never use the product enough times to be sure.

      The main deficiency that I encountered is that the cups where the eggs go are too small. I used large eggs, which is the smallest size stocked by my grocery ...

      • Good Living (tm) Microwave Egg Poacher
      store. After I cracked one into the cup and added the one teaspoon of water recommended, the cup was filled to the brim. The slightest jarring and the egg and water mixture overflows.

      To make matters worse, the poacher is not very stable when it’s opened on your kitchen countertop. Especially when brand new, it has a tendency to tilt toward the center. Snapping the unit shut automatically jolts it. And none of the three trips I made from the countertop to the microwave with the

      half-dozen eggs I used to test the poacher was spill-free.

      Once in the microwave, the problems continue. The steam escapes from the sides and leaves a mess inside the oven. I never like to take the glass turntable out to clean because if it’s ever broken I’m not sure I could replace it. But the egg poacher demands it be taken out to clean every time.

      Perhaps Good Living’s egg poacher might work better with medium size eggs, but that size seems to have come from a vanished breed of chickens.

Valerie M. says :

I wished I had checked this site before purchasing this little gadget. I love poached eggs and have not had them for years. When I saw this item in my local Stop Shop (for just a few dollars), I figured I’d give it a try. My first attempt wasn’t too bad except I overcooked the eggs. The white lettering on green packaging didn’t clearly show that you needed to cook on Medium only. My second attempt today was a nightmare. As a previous consumer has mentioned, the unit does not lay flat and tips rather easily. Difficult to make it from counter to microwave without spillage. I got the eggs cooked, albiet they looked a little underdone. As I attempted to remove them from the cooker, they spilled over onto the table, chair and floor. Determined to have poached eggs for Mother’s day, I cracked 2 more eggs into the unit and when I went to snap it shut, it tipped over and I had raw eggs all over the counter. It just wasn’t meant to be. This unit will undoubtedly end up for sale at a future tag sale. Save your money, its not worth the effort and clean-up it demands.
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