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  • There really wasn't much room or time to give the Misty character any development in this episode, and if the writers had tried to do that, I think the episode would've suffered

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “Pokemon, I Choose You!” is the first episode of the animated television show, “Pokemon”. As the first episode of the series, it works on a number of levels. For one thing, the first episode of any new television show needs to establish the primary characters and provide the primary characters with some depth and characteristics to prevent characters from seeming two-dimension. This episode accomplishes that by establishing Ash Ketchum as a young, very excited as well as rash and inexperienced boy who has a bit of a short temper, but as the episode closes, demonstrates that he has a good heart. Another primary character introduced is his first Pokemon, Pikachu, shown to be an electric rat with an attitude and intent on doing things his

      way. The two have personalities that clash and it’s at times funny to watch the interactions between the two, such as Pikachu refusing to get in his Pokeball and also refusing to help Ash capture any Pokemon. At the end of the episode though, through an act of selflessness on Ash’s part, Pikachu realizes that his trainer is willing to risk his safety and well-being for him, and the two bond as friends in a scene that’s touching and works because of the emotional music and dramatic animation. The stubborn and at times mocking personality Pikachu exhibited in this episode pretty much disappears though after the two bond, and that’s kind of unfortunate because essentially Pikachu suffers a loss in personality.

      The episode also ...

      • introduces another primary character, namely Misty Waterflower, but doesn’t do much with her. Her character receives some development and focus in the following episode, “Pokemon Emergency”, which I’m okay with. There really wasn’t much room or time to give the Misty character any development in this episode, and if the writers had tried to do that, I think the episode would’ve suffered. This was an episode focused on introducing Ash and Pikachu and the main focus was to show how a rocky beginning between the two could result in a very durable bond of friendship, and the episode pulls this all off very nicely and convincingly. Gary Oak, Ash’s rival and a character that pops up on occasion, is introduced too, and given a little
        development, but his taunting of Ash and all the attention he and he alone gets from the townspeople seems kind of flat and empty because his skills and knowledge aren’t shown in the slightest in this episode, and disappointingly, the writers never did quite seem to know what to do with him come later episodes.

        The first episode of the Pokemon television series is an entertaining one and features more character depth and development than most episodes of the series and delivers an episode conclusion that is both exciting and emotionally touching, something else that isn’t really replicated in most of the other episodes in the series. I feel a “9″ rating is pretty fair for what I feel is a very above-average episode of the series.

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