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  • When teaching them tricks (using treats of course), I found I never had to show them more than two or three times before they would get it
  • I would recommend a beagle to absolutely anyone and everyone

    • by DeeCee

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      Choosing a dog for a family with children can be very difficult. But strong consideration should be given to Beagles. Beagles are often described as difficult and hard to train. But it simply has not been my experience. After having 5 beagles, I must say what my conclusions are. Let’s start with the disadvantages: 1) They shed. A lot. Even though they are short haired, they still shed quite a bit. After getting a beagle, I discovered why the Roomba is such a good investment. Though I was able to tame it somewhat with the furminator and a de-shedding shampoo.

      2) They are hungry. ALWAYS. We feed our dogs twice a day. But if you forget to keep food well to the back of counters or

      if your child keeps his brownie within beagle height, the food will be gone in an instant.

      3) They are hounds. So you can’t just leave them off the leash if there is no fencing around. And electronic fences simply don’t work with them. My pups would find the weakest point for the signal, back up and take a running leap through the invisible fence.

      4) They think they are humans. And will use it to advantage. My dogs all know how to give you the most soulful look and you have to be tough, or they will win every time.

      5) Their long ears leave them susceptible to ear infections and they tend to have allergies. One of my dogs has his own little bottle of benadryl always at the ready.

      Now for the Advantages:

      1) Beagles are among the most intelligent dogs I have ever owned. When teaching them tricks (using treats of course), I found I never had to show them more than two or three times before they would get it. And once they figure it out, it was in them for good. My dogs can ring a hanging bell to let us know it’s time to go out, have a specific bark for food, and will actually come and get us and take us to whatever it is they are trying to get. All I have to ask is “Show me” and they will point to the refrigerator wit their nose, or the water cooler, or the toy box.

      2) Beagles are very active when you are active. Mine will ...

      • The Beagle Breed as a family dog
      run out with our son and play until he collapses. But when it’s time to be quiet, they are just as happy to be cuddled and hugged. Our dogs almost seem to be able to tell what mood we are in and just go with the flow.

      3) They love everyone and it seems everyone loves them. They are friendly and pleasant dogs.

      4) All 5 of my dogs seem to sense when a child is too small to take their weight. While kids 10 and over will get a dog that likes to hop up on them (I am a bad trainer!), little kids have never been jumped on. Though their faces have been licked. Especially if there is a bit of jelly still smeared on their cheeks from lunch. They

      also are careful with their teeth. My son is a bit of a terror with our dogs, and they will growl at him to get away. And if he continues to try and tickle them or to pull at their tails, they will actually take his hand in their mouths and push him away. But not once has any of them left so much as a mark. They will instead finally run away or come and “tell” me by hiding behind me.

      Beagles are amazing animals. And they are beautiful beyond belief. Their eyes are so reflective of their emotions. With these dogs, I talk to them as I do people and I swear they DO understand. They are my babies and so very special. I would recommend a beagle to absolutely anyone and everyone!

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